In Breitling 

If you look at the Saddam Hussein era the currency was worth $3.25 cents. How many people were buying Iraq’s energy? It was a lot but it’s not as much as it is today…$3.25 with less customers! You understand what Iraq can do…Iraq needs to sell energy through the U.S. dollar and at the same time add value to their currency. Those are different markets. They have to add value to their currency as a policy so they can create the markets. If you look at it through that direction it’s crystal clear.

This last year they kept talking about adding value to their currency and complying with what Trump’s trying to do…the next thing you know they devalue it. What are they doing? They’re trying to negotiate because they’re on the edge of doing this. They want to devalue their currency so they can pay off debt – get the payments down…then they’re going to start adding value to their currency. Iraq needs to get out from under the U.S. dollar… adding value to their currency there’s more than one path…it’s very simple. It’s a policy-based investment.