In Breitling 

Question: [My big worry when the time comes to cash out is that the currency traders are the only avenue for exchanging the dinar. Currently they are getting around 20% of that.  Is that a fact?] Yes it is. Every business model there is you charge 20%…you get a 20% return at a minimum. They’re not doing anything out of what everybody else is doing.  [If that is so, who can we trust?]. Banks.  Banks will be competing for the U.S. dollar…I bought all of my currency from a bank. I didn’t buy it from a currency trader.

I think it was at 1 or 2 percent charge or whatever it was…don’t worry about it. Once there’s value added to it and people start to exchange and they [banks] see they will be able to make money off of the exchange…they are going to fight for your currency. Not only that but the traders that are out there where a lot of people bought their currency are going to be fighting for the currency. Period end of story. It’s going to be a competition and you’re going to be sitting in the driver’s seat. That’s not going to be a problem.

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