In Breitling 

Question: “What are Iraq’s currency financial policies?”  They’re asking this for the sake of IQD.  Their [Iraq’s] number 1 policy right now is to get companies and countries into Iraq that want to do business and then at the same time they’re lowering their debt.  That’s the one-two punch.  You all know they want to add value to their currency.

Watch policy and guess what?  You’ll find out this whole thing is clear as a bell.  Iraq is going to revalue.  They’re going to add value to their currency and there is no threat to it…I don’t see anything negative going on at all…It’s very simple they want to add value to their currency.  They’re trying to find a way to do it.  Remember it’s an artificially devalued currency.  They need to find a way to maintain the rate they come up with.  There’s more than one way guys.

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