In Breitling, Breitling Dinar 

Question: “Who exactly are the globalists who don’t want the RV to happen?” That tells me a lot about what you believe and how you believe it…  There’s nothing wrong with globalization. You wouldn’t have what you have without globalization.  What is globalization?  It’s trade. That’s all it is. The United States is not going to control the world. The U.N. is not going to control the world. China..Russia are not going to control the world. It’s all horse shit…why would a globalist who does trade internationally want a currency…?

It’s an exchange. You take the U.S. dollar and you exchange the exact equivalent amount for the Iraqi dinar.  Or vise-versa, you take Iraqi dinar and you exchange it for the U.S. dollar, the Euro or whatever. It’s an exchange. But either way there’s trade going on…the definition of globalism is trade. That’s where it all came from – trade and trade routes and trade empires. The question doesn’t even make any sense.  It’s so off…Globalists want trade.  They want business.  They want to do business with Iraq…that’s the whole point of globalism – trade.

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