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Info from Travelex Currency Exchange in Dubai Airport on 10/11/2015…

Personal story…I arrived in Dubai around 11pm (United Arab Emirates {UAE} time) on Sunday to wait for a connecting flight.  I needed to exchange some US currency for some UAE Dirhams for the taxi ride to another departure terminal.  Out of curiosity, I asked the Travelex employee if they could exchange Iraqi Dinar for US dollars.

I would normally make an inquiry about the Iraqi Dinar when got to Dubai, and the answer was always “we do not exchange Iraqi Dinar’. This time and to my surprise the Travelex employee said yes, but the rate he quoted was 1063 Iraqi Dinars per US Dollar.

I didn’t get too excited because the rate I have been reading about for the Iraqi Dinar is higher than 1100, and of course, I didn’t exchange the Iraqi Dinar I had with me. No, it was not a large amount that I had, but I have been traveling with a small amount of various foreign currencies for the past few years just in case.

No, I have never been questioned by the airport authorities about the foreign currencies I do carry. Not giving up on the RV/RI nor am I giving up any of my currencies….been in this game since 2003…was on the ground in Baghdad when the new Iraqi Dinar was put into circulation. The RV/RI will happen when it happens.