In Bruce 

When it comes to Iraq…we can’t really start until Iraq is ready to go.

Everything is very positive in Iraq.

The in-country rate is way above what you have heard.

Remember I talked about Dr. Shabbi in the past and what he said at a conference in 2012 that the dinar could support a certain rate back then.

That is where we are right now in-country.

That is not here, but in Iraq.

Very good news.

Everything has been done in Iraq.

The only thing they haven’t done is put the rate out.

We should see some really interesting things come through for us the next 2 to 3 days.

What makes today any different?”

It is different because more things have happened, have preceded, stuff behind the scenes.

You are at the end of the ride.

I heard from sources we won’t go all the way into the weekend before this happens.