In Bruce 

From what we know there was one more thing…the dong – because of the international trading partner relationship with Vietnam and even with Iraq – that rate may come out between 6-8 %  below that of the dinar – which is way higher than we thought it would be – that does not mean that it is going to stay there forever – you realize we are getting rates to show up and last for a month or so – before they’re maybe taken down or brought out on par – meaning even with – the USTN or new US Dollar. So for Vietnam to come out with their rate on the dong – we kind of need to have a rate that they can see on the dinar – if they plan to come out between 6 and 8% below that.

So that’s why I think  that one last thing could be the dong…obviously this thing is a moving target – we got all excited because we think it’s here – we think everything is done – and there is always that last one thing…all we can do is move forward when the time is there and we get our notifications… yes we thought we have been here before but we have NOT been here before – This is New – and every day that I get 2 or 3 or 5 nuggets of information – I’m excited because the picture puzzle is starting to get more and more complete…I am very encouraged – I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

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