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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday October 21st and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in all over the globe –  where ever you are

So let’s go into the intel segment – What I want to do first of all is I want to thank Judy Byington for mentioning me on her post that was yesterday evening – I just wanted to thank you for saying what you did about the intel that we brought to the call on this past Tuesday and understanding the agreeance that you gave us – we appreciate that – and really we do appreciate other people that have posted and have had calls  – I don’t typically bring other people’s calls or intel up – I do hear about it – I don’t read it as you all know but I do hear certain aspects of it – some of which I agree with and some of which I don’t –

The intel that I bring you is original to “me” – Original to me in the sense that I get what I get from our sources and I am happy to deliver that to you

So – right now where are we?  Let’s see how am I going to cultivate this?  Bob had a question that he brought up to me – let me talk about that briefly – a listener had called in and asked Bob to ask me – how are the credit unions going to fair in contrast with the larger banks like tier 1 bank usually refer to (Wells Fargo) and by the way there’s a new tier 1 bank that is a combination of BB&T out of North Carolina Branch Banking and Trust – and their merger with Sun Trust – my understanding is the new bank is going to be called Truist – that is now going to become or is already a tier 1 bank – due to the strength of that merger – BB&T plus Sun Trust = Truist

Now – the tier 1 bank – I am going to call Bank of America – Citi Bank – Wells Fargo – Chase – and now Truist – as far as North America is concerned  which is where we are – Wells Fargo is in charge  of the redemption and the exchanges of the protocols – they are the lead bank 

Now – internationally – meaning everywhere but the US and Canada – I would think Mexico – although I am going to say there might be a caveat when it comes to Mexico – which is in North America –

The other bank – international bank – that is out of China is the lead bank on that area of the world – so for our purposes – we’re getting more information from Chase and Wells – and Citi – primarily – ok as far as bank sources – we have a lot of other sources too and you know – I don’t go into describing those – but you know these main banks as tier 1 banks –

When it comes to Credit Unions – they are pretty far down the ladder – they have been very helpful sort of people using a community bank –  a Mom & Pop’s – somebody familiar with the people –they usually use one particular branch – usually in the past – I would think was the case – car loans – and so on – personal loans were made – got better interest rates – and they were pretty easy to work with kinda as a community bank – so that – I think the idea of community bank coming back on line is definitely going to be something we’re going to be seeing more of –

Even though there has been a consolidation of major banks and will probably continue to do so – I think we’re also going to have a rise of community banks in opportunities for lending which with the new and beneficial for small business and for community building and so on – so will they continue to exist? I think they probably will but I think to be perfectly candid – if you are a zim holder the numbers that we’re talking about after the redemption are so large that they’re going to exceed anything a community bank could handle –

We’re going to be using Wells Fargo or Chase or one of the other top banks – and really they’re not too many going to be handling the zim holder anyway – there’s just a few – 3 or 4 –

So – we who are going to be setting our appointments with the toll free number when that becomes available –  when we set those – we will be using the so called redemption centers – some of these are attached to the main bank – some are separate buildings  – and you will find that out when you call to set your appointment –

So that’s something we’ll be working with but I’m telling you if you are a zim holder you’re looking at a balance that really only you are supposed to see – the only person that’s going to know or people that are going to know what you have in your account are the people that are exchanging you to give you the rate and to tell you what your balance is going to be – in your account –after your currencies have been exchanged and after your zim has been redeemed –

Beyond that you are going to be the only one unless you let a bank person or a wealth manager of your decision see your balance – nobody is going to see it unless you give them permission to see it – it is not going to be visible like it is now when you go in to check your balance and all of a sudden just pull it up – it is not going to be that way – because they do not even want the bank personnel to know what you are talking about –

This is an opportunity for all of us to do something for God & humanity – for the world – this is our shot – probably our “one” shot and I am excited about it – I know you are too – I have been in this for 17 years – 10 years on my own call – 1  year before that on another call – so I’m excited about it – where we’re going

So let’s talk more about that – we’ve talked in the past about the bond holders – and now the term is bond recipient – this is people who have sold their bonds or traded in their bonds and are about to receive USN currency digitally for those

Now these are handled out of Reno – Miami – Zurich – a little out of New York – Hong Kong – I am su re there are some other cities doing some bonds as well –  the bond holders have been pushed for months – many months on even receiving their 1% or 1.2% of their total – cause their totals are going to be quite large –

So initially they wanted them given a little bit of what they call healing funds or emergency funds to those bond holders / recipients and those have been pushed time and time again – We were told on – before Tuesday that they would be hydrated Wednesday or Thursday –  (today) Nope – they have been pushed again – they have been pushed to Saturday – which is the 23rd  – so that is only 2 days away – I know but – this is true of several of these that we know of personally –they have NOT received their 1 or 1.2 and some cases 1.5 % of their total – But they should – if this holds – on Saturday – sometime Saturday – now that’s really good news –

So on the 23rd we were told about a week ago – was going to be an important date – and remember I told you on Tuesday night they were looking for the EBS to come out initially we were told the 23rd – then we were told it could be Thursday / Friday /  or Saturday –

Today is Thursday – it didn’t happen today – it could be tomorrow but will probably be Saturday – the 23rd  -What else is set to go on the 23rd?  We did talk about the Tesla Free Energy – about that being connected and hooked up by the 18th – and that was true – that happened –

So that is just a matter of time before that comes out – Let me tell you something else that is interesting that brings up the concept of the Tesla energy and how that’s going to work – Guess what I’ve been telling you that we were going to leap frog over 5G and go to 6G on our cell phones? – ok

Remember the problems with 5G? The EMF because the closeness of the cell towers   etc – that is detrimental  to  us – NOT HEALTHY – so – they knew that when 5G was coming out but we were going to jmp right to 6G and now we are getting ready  – but to use 6G – Guess What?? You have to have a new sim card – in your cell phone – so the cell phone carriers have started sending out emails to customers as of the 15th of October – so that would have been what?  A little over a week ago – some of them started to go out telling you the idea that you were going to receive a new sim card

Now my understanding is from today – that the sim cards will be mailed to you –and you’ll get those and be able to put those in your phone yourself or if you need some help you could go to the cell phone center and have them pop it in for you

This emailing to the customer started like I said on the 15th of October and will go through the 29th   of November – and so we have a long period of time to get the new sim card sent to us and have it installed in our phone – whether we do it ourselves or have a 10 yr old to do it or whether you go to a cell service center and have them do it –

But the good news is the new 6G cell phone service starts on the 1st or 2nd of January – And as of the first of January our existing sim cards for G3 and G5 are no longer going to be working as of the 1st of January –

When we make this smooth transition – this will be really cool – it will be super-fast – efficient and we’ll enjoy 6G instead of 3G – 4G and 5G – it will be very good and we’ll be using satellites primarily and it may use the cell towers if they are tall enough – that they use for the Tesla free energy transfer

The Tesla free Energy transfer remember is supposed to go from the Tesla nodes to the towers to the power companies and then use the transmission  the electricity goes on now –  which is the power lines whether buried under ground or up on the poles to the transformers and then down to  your house – that distribution  of power I understand at least at the beginning will continue – that will stay –

As I mentioned Tuesday night you’ll have a reduction of approximately 75% on your electric bill – approximately – Now they are wired up for this so to go and I think we’re going to get started on this as part of NESARA – because in a way this is part of the so called quote unquote free energy  – I think it’s going to come out when we start talking more get more information about NESARA  which hopefully  will start after the EBS kicks in on the 23rd

I don’t know what the information is going to be exactly  but I can only tell you who should have a lot of cool stuff coming out some of which will blow a lot of peoples mind – no question you have got to be ready for what’s coming – a lot of us know this already – it’s going to come out – and a lot of people are still in the dark and have no clue what so ever on what’s really happening for years

Now the other piece is that one of our sources is saying — that this came from Europe – one of our sources is saying that we are in the final count-down – we are in the final count-down  – another source let us know that the count-down started early this morning – and that same second source said that the final count-down ends at 9:30 am Sunday –

So we have had 2 different individuals tell us we could be notified anytime from now all the way to Monday – this may cut that back by a day if we say that we’re – the count-down itself is over at 9:30 am Sunday – It sort of makes tomorrow and Saturday look very good

Now –  the other thing is another source has said that there’s another announcement that we should hear on the 23rd  which is Saturday – and that announcement might be that the EBS – the start of the EBS – Emergency Broadcasting System – it’s only a guess – I think a good guess – that might be one of the announcements –  there’s another announcement that is also supposed to come I believe it was going to be the next day – Sunday 24th  – not sure what that is – it could have to do with the election results – the correct results – that’s a guess – I was given that as a possibility

So there are two theories was that these two announcements needed to be made before we started tier 4 – so that kinda screws up my timing of 9:30 am Sunday – possibly

So let’s just say this- all of these 4-5 different sources have said that this will be a really special weekend – if we just take it at that – face value – this is going to be great weekend – Let’s go with that – it only starts in two days – Saturday – you can count tomorrow as a start – really a lot of us do count Friday as the start of the weekend –

So whenever this goes down for us there is nothing I can see in the way of this going for us in the next 2-3 days – it may take us all the way to Monday – maybe it will – I don’t know – but this is supposed to be a significant weekend for us – Don’t write it off – especially knowing the EBS is supposed to crank out on Saturday the 23rd

So lets see what happens with that – and I want to let you know that this is probably going to be the last call –  I mentioned that Tuesday night and I meant it – but I think with everything that I’ve gotten today it looks like we are finally at the end of the ride – meaning this weekend –

Sdo look you know this is a long ride – it’s been a lot longer than I ever thought – I got in this 17 years ago we were told this could take  2-6 years –to come to fruition – a lot of other things happened in the meantime that kept that from going – finally we are what we believe at the end of the ride – as least according to all of our sources – so let’s see if that is what happens – I am excited about it – I feel as good as I ever felt about the timing about an opportunity for us – make sure you make an opportunity for a true legacy for yourself


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