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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday November 30th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in tonight – we did not have a call on Thanksgiving but here we are tonight – – we hope everybody had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving with family and friends – I am excited to say that we are back tonight to hopefully bring very good information and good news to you

Let’s get into some intel – this is a good time for us – I mean – what is happening right now –  remember we have not done a call for a week – so we have had some information that’s come in this last week and it gave us the “impression” that we were to be notified – the latest info that came in – late last night – was talking about us being notified either later this afternoon or tomorrow morning (Wed am) if certain things occurred throughout this morning – today (Tuesday) – ok good – we have a pretty good chance to get it today or tomorrow –

Now what I relate to you – what I say to you – on the Big Call – is the best representation I can give you of what I’m getting – compiled – glean through – sometimes it’s only a couple of things – sometimes it’s 8-10 different things – you know you listen to the call – somedays are richer than others and others are a bit lean because we haven’t heard – or it’s quiet =- everyone is under gag orders – or NDA’s

What is happening is the bond holders even last night late – I mean they’re still getting paid out – so this is something that is on going and supposed to be ongoing through the first week of December for the bondholders which are tier 3 – we know the liquidity is starting to show up in some of their accounts and access to funds – certain bond holders that we track – have been told today they would have access to funds tomorrow (Wed)

Now remember we were told for months I think that bond holders would be paid and they have been paid most of them – we still have more to go – and I think that they are doing is leaving the very biggest whales for last – for the most part –

They took are of a lot of the smaller bond holders first but I don’t know if everybody is going to get full access to funds tomorrow or bondholders or not – but I find it very interesting that they’ve been told tomorrow – and they are excited about it – why would it be exciting to them and to us – well – if we go back to the shotgun start concept – nobody’s really got any funds yet – even though exchanges have been done for years really – especially if you were part of the admirals group  – you know you put up that currency years ago and you haven’t had any results from it yet even though you already turned it in –  whatever – right – so the rest of  us tier 4B who have our currency – and are waiting to do the exchanging and redemption of the zim – we are waiting on the green light to go –

Now what we have heard today and this was actually late this afternoon – is that yes tomorrow is looking very good for us – we have certain Treasury sources that are indicating that tomorrow will be our day –

Now I’m doing my best to not call it for tomorrow cause that’s going to tough to try to do – and come back from if it doesn’t happen – but I’ll say this – I was told last night that we were looking at either later this afternoon or tomorrow – well – tomorrow would be good – so I would say it is very strong for us – very strong possibility that they have come far enough along –  now what are they waiting for now –  what were they waiting for?

What I found out this afternoon is they were waiting for Iraq to make the announcement about their new government – new prime minister – that has been put in place – and I  understand that they had a dead line to do that by the last day of this month (Nov) which is today –

They actually did it on Sunday and the first business day – they did put out an international rate on the dinar that was known throughout the Middle East –

They also paid Kuwait the reparations that they owed Kuwait for the war early on – I do not remember the amount – it’s been so long ago – and they paid them in a dinar equivalent to meaning on par with the Kuwait dinar –  in other words at the same rate that the Kuwait dinar was so it would be a one to one – not $1 dollar but dinar – not saying that – don’t get it wrong – get it right – I’m saying the equivalent of the value of the current rate for the Kuwait dinar –

Now what’s interesting is it was lower by quite a bit –  I would say by 45% below what the current rate on the dinar is – and we don’t go into rates on the call – we don’t put them out – they change – they don’t want me to do – so I don’t do it – so I’m just going to tell you  that in the Middle East at least at this point and maybe somewhat outside the Middle East – but the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar has taken place and it is currently actively being traded in that region –

Now remember the Iraqi dinar is being known as the Golden Dinar now –  It is the golden Dinar because it’s a currency that is truly backed by Gold – Now Iraq has so much in the ground – they’ve got diamonds – unbelievable diamonds down at about 6 feet below the level of the sand – when they went to drill for oil they went through this crust of diamonds to get there – there are other precious gems – obviously oil – and I believe they probably got silver and gold – look at that whole area – it’s full of minerals – precious metals – and so that’s why Iraqi Dinar is worth 6-7 times more than the US dollar right now

Now eventually – I don’t know how long it’s going to take  but eventually most of if not all of the world’s currency will come in line and be n par – a one to one relationship – ad they will trade that way –  we will see how long that takes – some currencies will come in on par with the USN  our new US dollar – and all of the banks – remember we talked about this over a week ago – all the banks now have our new notes USTN  in the bank – (United States Treasury Note)

They are probably in the vaults or back drawers – but they are already there and have been there – ok so we’re going to make that transition soon – whenever that is – I don’t know exactly when that is – it may wait till the public starts – and the public may not go too far out in the future before we go – in other words the public may come in 3-4 days or 6 days after we get started –

The public will not be using the redemption centers – they will be using tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 banks – remember all the banks all the top banks tier 1 2 3 and 4 are how we rate our banking system – they all have the currency – our new money our new USTN – our spendable money – and so those will be coming out soon –

So what are we hearing is the treasury is very positive – it shows that – yeah we did not get notified of the Iraqi dinar rate and new government here in North America – remember North America includes Canada – US  and Mexico  – it’s been kept from us publically  but it should be known tomorrow (Wed)  and if it is known tomorrow – then it should reflect on us with notifications – we should get notified – set our appointments  – if we get them early enough we would be able maybe to go and exchange tomorrow (Wed)  if later in the day maybe we can set appointments and start exchanges on Thursday –

So we don’t know that yet I am just giving you  for example – a possibility  – what we do know is this thing is obviously as close as we have ever been – and I believe that things are working in our favor to get this blessing to manifest – in fairly short order –

Obviously we need for things to work according to plan – I don’t believe we have to wait on the bondholders – I find it interesting that the bond holders liquidity for some of them is set for tomorrow to have access to those funds – and we should be in good shape if they go we go – if we go they go –

So that’s what I wanted to bring primarily to you – obviously it is not a ton of intel but it is I think what we are waiting for and looking for now so without me saying absolutely – I believe that is what is happening – I believe it is good information that we are getting –



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