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Some Highlights of Bruce’s Call from Tuesday 11-23-2021

There will be o call on Thanksgiving night.  We have anticipated toll free numbers and emails.  The number of emails loaded on the Wells Fargo servers had over 2M emails.

The number loaded now is 1,424,000 that are ready to be released.  We look forward to this happening very soon.

No notifications today.  Possibly tomorrow, Wednesday, Then we might even start appointments Wednesday.  If too tight to do before Thanksgiving we may start right after which would be Friday.  They have said previously they want this to go before Thanksgiving.  We will wait and see

Iraq had their new international rate over the past 24 hours.  It is a good rate, and theoretically trading internationally.  This may be seen publicly tomorrow, and a good indicator of our start.

Bond holders are being paid out until December.

Call centers have been tested for use with toll-free numbers.  Call, then get routed to the redemption center.  (Important for Zim people.)  The exact protocol depends on where in country.

If we start Wednesday, some areas may work a half-day on Thanksgiving, or some areas might close for Thanksgiving.

The paring down of the list from 2M to 1.424M was likely due to those who have been removed due to not being qualified.

I don’t see a doom and gloom scenario.  We do not expect wide-spread outages for internet or cell service.  Some interruptions have occurred as equipment connects to new Starlink/Prolink system.

I’ve been told we would have a wonderful Thanksgiving in terms of being “special”.

We expect things to go either right before or right after Thanksgiving.


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Walkingstick and Frank26   The education of the new small category notes and the new rate is right now.  IOO when that education ends the exchange rate will come right after it.  We believe that right now this education is telling the Iraqi citizens what they are about to receive…

Pimpy  There are all kinds of rumors going around that the Iraqi dinar has revalued…I was getting messages galore.  People asking me, ‘Hey Pimpy the rumor is the IQD was reinstated last night?’ …Nope…the Iraqi dinar did not revalue…come on people if it would have really happened it would have really spread like wildfire



Wednesday update for November 24, 2021

Bank Source G – Staff is on “standby” mode for this weekend. No vacations or out-of-town trips will be allowed after Thanksgiving.

They are expecting an announcement of some sort. [Hmmmmmmm?]

Bank Source A, B, C, D and F- No change in data yet

Bank Source E – Sunday’s appointment eventually moved to today…..waiting to hear more.


Tishwash:  Record collapse of the Iranian currency

The Iranian currency (riyal) recorded today, Wednesday, a new collapse against foreign currencies in the exchange market, as the price of one US dollar reached 293,000 Iranian riyals, which is the largest collapse recorded by the currency since the arrival of the hard-line Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to power and the formation of his government. last August.

The price of the euro was 327 thousand riyals, while the price of the pound sterling was 390 thousand Iranian riyals.

The rise in foreign exchange and gold prices in Iran comes on the eve of the meeting of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the holding of a new round of talks on reviving the Iranian nuclear agreement with international powers, starting next week in Vienna.

Due to the relatively large difference between the price of the “National Stock Exchange” currency and that of the free market currency, Iranian exchange offices have witnessed long queues to buy the currency in recent weeks.

According to economic experts, the recent rise in the exchange rate in Iran is more due to political developments and the visit of Rafael Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, to Iran, as well as the start of a new round of negotiations with Iran.

According to these experts, due to concerns about the outcome of the Vienna nuclear talks, the dollar tended to rise, as it jumped 4,000 riyals in one day.

At a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s board of governors on his visit to Tehran on Wednesday, Rafael Grossi said his talks with Iran on safeguards were “not fruitful” despite his efforts.

Referring to his visit to Tehran, Grossi said: “Iran has not yet commented on the origin of uranium particles found in some nuclear facilities.”

The Iranian government is trying to cancel the government dollar price approved by the government of former President Hassan Rouhani at a value of 42,000 riyals, by submitting a bill to the Iranian parliament.

Government officials in Iran claim that the purpose of the bill is to “change the recipients of the foreign currency (dollars) subsidized by the government.”  link


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