Bruce’s Big Call (Intel & Replay) Tuesday May 10

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 10th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay

Let’s talk about the intel –let’s see where we are – Now today is Tuesday – of course we get a lot of things between Thursday and Tuesday – an– things change – and they morph – and this target kinda moved – and it moved again – so it doesn’t matter what we thought we were going to get – What really matters is what we are going to get and “when” – right? That’s how I’m looking at it so I’m not going to bring you everything from the past –

This is what’s important – alright – Iraq is a sovereign nation – right? Maybe – Yes they are – but they are the ones that need to bring out – and I hate to say it but when they get the green light from us – they will bring out their new rate and mention the seating of their government – Prime Minister – Parliament – all of that – having been completed and seated

Now listen – it’s probably been done for a while but they just haven’t announced it yet – that’s what I’m talking about – they are operating with a rate in country – they are exchanging with the other countries – in other words they are trading with other countries – and they have a rate – with which they ae doing that

Tomorrow – Wednesday we’re expecting all new rates from all of the countries and everybody is connected to the QFS – everybody is synced up through the ISO20022 protocol – all of that has been completed and the codes that we’re going to call activation code – for the QFS were put in on Sunday morning – a few days ago – and the thinking is that once those codes were entered  the algorithms would kick in and as many as 8600 things / events / matters would be started in some time line progression –

That is supposed to be happening now without fail without stoppage so why did we have a what seemingly was a one day delay  from today to tonight – or tomorrow – we think there has been some resistance in a couple of 3 letter agencies – that might have held it up – although to be completely clear the banks had meetings all day today – starting this morning until  about 2 PM and the redemption centers started around 2:30 PM with meetings this afternoon – these are Zoom calls – one way Zoom calls –  from then all the way to 7 pm – so meetings in the morning – afternoon – and evenings till  7 PM –

Now – what did they discuss?  We’re not sure – not exactly sure – we know they were meeting last night with 3 principals – Treasury Secretary  Mnuchin – Judy Shelton – was appointed to help get everything done with the Treasury – and also Wilbur Ross – those three had four more on the call with them and they were making very good decision over a couple hours that I am sure will affect us – in one way or another

That was last night and then what we thought would occur today with our notifications and notifications to bond holders turned into  money or funds that did not get moved last night or this morning would be moved over night tonight – so the monies we looked for to be there today – will be moved over night tonight and as a result for the bondholders and they will get their notifications as I’m told by 10 or 10:30 in the morning – by email – and then they should have access to those funds that are mentioned in the email – once they get their codes they can put those in and should see their account and have access to those funds tomorrow afternoon-

They did not say what time tomorrow afternoon – I am going to say probably after 2 PM but I don’t have that confirmed – it is just a guess –

So when they get access to their funds tomorrow afternoon – I am talking about bond holders – we are supposed to receive our notifications as they are getting their access to funds tomorrow afternoon – which means we would theoretically if everything works out  – everything goes – no pause – no stoppage – if everything works according to plan – we would get our notifications tomorrow afternoon when the bond holders get access to funds and then we would be setting our appointments tomorrow afternoon/ evening most likely for our exchanges to start on Thursday

Remember redemption centers can start as  early as 8:30 or 9 in the morning and can go as late as 9:30 – 10:30 at night in some locations – ok they can go based on their set up – they can go late – so it’s possible that if we got notified between 2 and 4  in the afternoon we could set our appointments and go in the evening tomorrow night – it’s possible –  I’m going to give it 40% chance and say most likely we will set appointments a d start on Thursday – which I think will be fine with everybody

So that’s the nutshell of the intel that we got today from very strong people that are handling the oversight of bonds and paymasters of for Wells Fargo –

Now – obviously this is not an exact science – we know that things happened even though the Quantum System is in charge and running the show through these algorithms – there’s a lot of things that will be happening – but from my understanding everything is moving through and what is moving faster is the funds that didn’t get there by today are supposed to be released over night tonight –

So I think we’re all set – our funds from what we understand – our money we will get at our exchanges we will get without any problems they are already there – in the banks –

Priority one for the banks and Wells Fargo is zim holders – Priority two is if you have any bonds other than zim  bring those in – and yes Wells Fargo can take care of those at the redemption center – I know some people that have some of those –

Priority three – is the rest of the currency – speaking of our currency – we know that some people are going to want to get some cash and this should be our new USN or USTN – at the redemption center – and they know that and this is part of what they talked about last night – I believe they decided to have up to 2500 dollars available for us should we want some cash – our new money – I think they topped it out at 2500 to give the people a little walking around money – while they are getting use to the idea of their new debit / credit card

Now I want to go over my best recollection of the new information that we brought out a week ago –

When you go in for your exchange and the redemption of your zim – and remember zim is only redeemed through a Wells Fargo operated redemption center – even if it’s a Chase or Citi or Bank of America –  they are going to have a Wells Fargo representative there to oversee the operation – So that is a very positive thing –

So you’ve got the mother lode of your zim – that goes into a Quantum Account – because it’s in the QFS as a digital currency – it’s going in as USTN digital – and it goes into a non interest bearing system of the QFS so we call it the Quantum accounts –

They are trying to decide how much we are going to be able to move – the last time we heard something it was – if you are a zim holder and you have some projects with longevity and you plan on being around for a while – through the med beds or whatever – for more than your normal life span they are going to want you to take up to 50% of that Quantum account and put it in your primary account which for me will be with Wells Fargo –

That is half of your Quantum account and then we’ve used the term spill over account for a long long time – I am going to add the term “secondary” account which could be the same thing as spill over account – because we are going to earn interest on the balance that sets in our primary account

You remember the example we used let’s say you have 100 trillion dollars’ worth of zim to exchange or zim redemption actually and say that goes in your Quantum account – this is only an example – it is not a cap – or limit – a mere example for easy math –

Obviously your numbers are going to be based on your amounts of zim that you have – so start with 100 trillion dollars in new dollars digital in your Quantum account – if you are doing long term projects  take 50% of that put right into our mother lode / primary account with the bank – we’ve negotiated a rate of interest at the bank – this is what you would do with your bank if its Wells we roughly know where it is 8 – 8 ¼ maximum – annual APY – annual percentage yearly –  term they are using –

So let’s say I take 8% I am going to want 2% per quarter divided up that way and the interest gets dumped in the secondary account – or we could still call it the spill over account from the primary – in other words the interest funds that account – that is my operating account – at least initially – that is what I am going to operate out of –

Spend money out of – with a credit card tied to that secondary account – that is my desire to do it that way – and then do projects and supplies from that secondary account –

So the primary account has half of the 100 trillion dollars – 50 trillion in it – and is earning 8% – 2% pays per quarter – and it’s put into the secondary account and that is what I am operating out of – call that my master account – that is how that should work –

Now obviously you can set these banking things up after your exchange day – when you go in for your exchanges and redemption – it’s not a day to do 15 different banking things – that is what you want to do “after” your exchange appointment – with your main bank or secondary bank – whatever it is you want to work with –

At the appointment – they want us in and out of there in 40 – 42 minutes total – in and out – and that is 5-8 minutes to do a one on one presentation you are going to make to 2-3  people about your project/s

Here’s the deal – we are looking good – Iraq is going to do what they need to do tomorrow – and or Thursday – we should get notified when the bond holders get access to funds tomorrow afternoon – that comes through we should get our emails – it’s sort of a staggered shot gun start not a true shot gun start – a staggered shot gun start – and I think this all comes through then this would be our last call – with no call on Thursday – so we’ll see what happens

Obviously it is all contingent on everything going – and going in the order that I gave it tonight – we will keep an eye on it and monitoring and we will have the 800 number out on our website – when it becomes available