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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 3rd and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in once again from all over the globe whether live or on the replay – thank you for tuning in and we welcome you

Alright let’s get this party going – I know many of you are – Sue and I were talking about this prior to the call – and she said you know somebody in leadership needs to say “Where is it?” “We’re waiting for this thing” “Where is it?”  – We really thought by the intel I had last Thursday that we would see the 800 number this afternoon – because that’s the intel  I had all the way up through Saturday – and there was as predicted another conference call with the redemption centers – and it went 3 hrs and 22 mins – And you think what in the world are they talking about for that long –

Well – it’s hard to say – all I know is for 42 minutes of that call they discussed Med Beds and the rolling out of Med Beds which is interesting because they know  so many of us know about that and looked into that – and we may wind up living 3-500+ years – ok

So the reason that is important is that’s what went into their decision as I said on Thursday – that’s what went into their decision to let zim holders that have projects get access to 10% of their Quantum Account instead of 1% ok – so having that 10% and then earning interest on that 10% is a vast difference from just getting access to 1%

So that is why it’s important if you are a zim holder and you don’t have projects then y ou better get working on that because not only will you get a higher rate on the zim but you’ll also get more access to those funds from your Quantum Account – so let’s go back and recap a little bit and just try to revisit the example we did on Thursday night to make sure everyone gets it –

There were some people that were not quite sure what 10% was referring to – so let’s go back and talk about that – as I said – this is applying the zim holders and the fact that the denominations as you know were very large and that means each note  and the number of zeros on the note – they are very large – they  are bearer bonds and as such they are payable upon demand  and when we go in there that’s what we’re doing we’re redeeming those bearer bonds at the redemption center – that is why we call them redemption centers form the get go

Now here’s how it’s going to work –  you go in there with  your zim – regardless of the denomination you might have – 50 million – 50 billion – you might have a 10 trillion note – 50 trillion – 100 T notes – whatever you’ve got ok it’s all payable at the same rate – there’s no back in the old days –  we use to think well – if you have this amount they would pay this amount on that note and pay that amount on that note – NOT TRUE – not ever true – I don’t know who got suckered in on that deal –  all denominations pay the same amount per zim dollar – and it is Zimbabwe dollar –

So here’s the deal – if  — as an example if  you remember – we started with a total of 100 Trillion zim dollars and that equivalent to the USN would be put into our Quantum Account – that is short for the Quantum Financial System Account –

The Quantum Account is an account that is a digital account that is not in any bank – it is in its own environment – its own QFS – BUT ….. when we access that Quantum Account we can move funds with the help of the bank initially at least –  in this case Wells Fargo to put in the case those of us that have projects can move up to 10% of what we have in the account into our primary account with Wells Fargo

That primary account will earn interest and depending on which bank you are in it could be as low as 6 ½% all the way up to 8 and 8 ¼ % per year – Annual percentage yearly APY is the term you want to know –

But – here’s the thing – that 10% if you are not a percentage person think of it as 1/10 of your total money – let’s make a distinction – that 1/10th that you moved in to your primary account is the amount that is earning the interest – NOT the Quantum Account

Quantum Account does not earn interest – it is just sitting there – we’re only earning interest on the 10% or 1/10th  of the amount of we’ve moved from the Quantum Account to the “primary” account  – now everybody’s got that –

Now the other point that I want to make is – remember I use to use the term spillover account – we are going to use the term as “secondary account” now – we know the primary account is where our 10% of our zim holdings went into – right – it is with Wells Fargo – and then ?? what about the other currencies? Dong – Dinar – Rupiah – Rial etc – you know these other currencies have an immediate value to you when you exchange – you are exchanging into United States New Dollars – USN – ok

When you exchange that – that amount – let’s say and I think my example on Thursday I think I said we had enough currency to come up with 1 billion USN and that amount would be essentially of all of that 1 billion – would be available from day 1 or day 2 maybe –

The point is – and I talked to my sources about this – I very much believe – even though they do not want to do our banking at the redemption center – I believe they can set up our secondary account at the time they are  doing our primary account – so what I’m saying is I want my currency proceeds to come out to whatever the number comes up to in the USN to go into that secondary account – so it can operate right out of that smaller secondary account

Now what about the interest that is earned – interest in theory – we won’t know this until we get there – but I believe the same rate of interest will pay out on our primary account as – in my example – my secondary account – notice they are both with wells Fargo –

If I wanted to set up a secondary account with another bank I could certainly do that and send some funds or wire funds to that other account at the other bank – I can do that – no big deal – it’s considered a ledger to ledger transfer and it does not take very long to transfer anymore – actually less than 30 seconds to transfer anywhere in the world – under a minute –

That’s a very new positive – think of it as a little bit of delineation between your currencies that you’ve exchanged and your bearer bonds if they’re zim that you have redeemed – and hopefully I’m getting some new people might not have been in this for a week or two or few months and you’re getting use to the terminology of these exchanges –

So what are we saying? We’re saying that know that when you go in and why is it important  if you do not have a project is when they are going to restrict you  on the amount that you get down to 1% – not the 10% that those with projects will get –

The interest rate itself is negotiable – now don’t confuse interest rate that you earn on the funds in y our primary account and secondary accounts – don’t confuse that with the rate of “exchange” that your currency gets or the rate you get on your bearer bonds the zim – don’t confuse those two – the same term rate is used but it’s completely different – Wells should pay us up to 8 – 8 1/4 percent if you negotiate that at this time ok – and that’s a lot more than we’ve seen it in many many years – but that is something between you and the bank to negotiate and you do that at the redemption center –

Now what I still want to do as I mentioned is to take that interest – that annual number and divide it and have it paid to my account quarterly – in other words it accrued and paid to my account every 3 months – that way I know how much I’ve got to work with – I know what I need to do to get rid of it – I mean spend it wisely  – invest it wisely in people’s lives – get the projects cranking – and use that money to help level the playing field for people’s lives – not only in the US  as we can get to them –

Now I said it didn’t happen for us today – and here we are on the call – the latest we had this afternoon and this evening is pointing toward us still going this week and I’m hearing 4th  – 5th  or 6th  that would be Wed – Thursday – Friday – of this week – for notifications to come out and obviously if notifications come out one day we might set appointments that day and start exchanges the next – that’s the typical thing that a lot of times we’re hearing notifications are coming out after lunch or after 1PM  – set appointments and start the following day –

It could very well happen this week – so this thing changes – a lot – it is a moving target – we are trying to fill in the pieces – we’ve had some positive things come out – recently – especially today we heard that we should see some change in our administration around the 13th and we could have a lot of things happening with NESARA – it’s supposed to kick in between today and the 8th  into the so called 3rd phase of NESARA – I went into that in some detail last Thursday – so we are looking for that to manifest –in May – to some extent – but it should happen when we start the rest of the country is getting some funds – especially the older portion of the country –

Now one thing I forgot to mention on the last 2-3 calls – I have said that we would no longer see universal basic income – I’ve been corrected on that for retirees – people that are 65+ no longer working – I don’t know what age it is going to kick in for – but let’s say you are retired and not working – we understand there are supposed to be some Universal Basic Income for you – If you are still working it may not apply to you but we will see what the rules are on that – don’t have  that to find yet –

We are all concerned that nobody would want to work if they are on Universal Basic Income – and that is true – they wouldn’t – Hopefully the young people and middle age people will still want to work for a living – and they’re going to be earning a really good wage – If we’re working with them they are going to be in really good shape – earning really good money – and they will do plenty of good things with their money like us –

I’m excited because I can see this plan coming together now – even the bond holders in tier 3 have been put in levels – 10 levels – so that means top of the heap and then all the way down to the smallest bond holder in terms of the amount of bonds they have and the value of them

But what’s cool is even today and starting last Saturday – some of the bond holders did receive their emails with their access codes that they could input and see their account as hydrated and have access to those funds – but guess what – when several of these people put their codes in – nothing happened so that tells me the system is not started yet – it’s not “activated” for that yet – and may not activate until we get notified – that is still my contention – is that nobody really gets paid until we get notified and set our appointments – and maybe the first day of our appointments –  but they don’t want unfair advantage in this shotgun start – so we’ll see  how that pans out –  but I am very encouraged that some of the bond holders did receive their emails already – now even though the codes didn’t work the theory is they tried 12 hrs and continued to do that unless they get another email with something different – but that is encouraging –

Tier 1 and tier 2 have already been paid out and access to those funds so that’s good – and our national debt has been paid off by tier 2 which are whales –  what we call super whales and what’s interesting is even the whales with what their agreement was because of their amount of currency and bonds they had – they actually only get 15% of their total – 85% of what they had has been used to pay off the national debt and also to go into paying for NESARA which is a pretty cool deal – so we should have plenty money available from NESARA

Now – your projects are not supposed to contain anything that is related to infrastructure in the US because of what NESARA will pay for – President Trump was clear to tell us that with Rebuild America that we are not to use it for building roads bridges – underground communications – electricity – natural gas – anything that we’re thinking of doing unless it’s the real private situation – if it’s something that would normally be handled by local or state or Fed gov – we are supposed to stay away from that – that is the responsibility of our government

In the meantime Rebuild America is going to work with people all over the country rebuilding their community – homes –  walkable communities – as well as with green spaces – food domes – quality food production – non GMO and non pesticide foods – etc


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