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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 5-17-22


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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 17th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Welcome everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay


Let’s talk about the intel side of the call tonight and where we believe we are – What is really interesting is that we have heard about this happening for us this week – We did hear some things about today that we would be notified today – we did NOT get notified today – but we have heard that the funds had moved into place for the tier 3 bond holders and our funds have been in place for quite a while for our exchanges – already there at the banks


We know that we’ve got all of the gold bullion banks which use to be considered Central Banks are now gold bullion banks – one for each country – they are on line with the QFS and the ISO 20022 protocol – Everything seems to be lined up as far as that goes


Now there have been some things that have also happened that Thomas talked about Friday with regard to activity that was to take place Sunday which was the 15th – yesterday the 16th and today the 17th – I think it’s a little pre mature to go into details of it – but suffice it to say – there are changes that have already taken place that will move us from the USA Corporation which we are completely getting away from to the Restored Republic which we have entered into –


We think where as we would have some visual confirmation of that – that appears to have been pushed to Friday which is the 20th and there is something significant about the time 4PM Eastern Daylight time – on this coming Friday the 20th we’ll have to see –


We’ve also been told  that we will have a USN – a new US dollar – which is an asset backed currency –  which will be available by the end of the week – I think that is also something that will probably service on Friday – maybe sooner but I’m thinking also aligned with the other information about Friday –


Now – in reference to the bond holders Charlie Ward on yesterday’s call intimated that tier’s 1 and 2 have already delivered funds from their amounts from their accounts to GESARA as well as GESARA has also been funded by the St Germaine Trust – so they are ready to go


Now what about tier 3 and 4B – us?  Tier 3 according to Charlie and tier 4 are to see funds and access to those funds starting tomorrow (Wednesday) – now it may or may not include us – he said Tiers 3 and 4 – we are 4B and so maybe that will happen and Wednesday will be significant for us if we’re notified tomorrow and if we set appointments whether it’s for Wednesday or maybe Thursday –


I think we’re at the point where certain changes have taken place that might just propel this in that direction – I think any day this week starting tomorrow is going to be an important day for us – one way or another and it may be that this thing happens before Friday for us – we can’t tell – it’s hard  to get confirmation – it’s hard to get people that we’ve heard from even recently – in the last few days are really tight lip right now – there is a new higher level of a gag order – let’s say – and they have tightened up their NDA’s for employees of the banks as well for us – so we’ll see what that looks like when we go in for our exchanges


I think what is happening right now – sort of behind the scenes – an additional clean up is taking place – I think that is a very good sign about this moving forward for us and it may result in something happening this week – we haven’t heard that said – I haven’t heard that the old banned phrase – “this is our week” – I haven’t heard that –  I’m kidding of course – but that is what we say when we hear that – roll our eyes and go  “we haven’t heard that before have we” – I know a lot of you check the intel – and say “well we’ve never been there before” or “is this new Bruce?” –


Well a lot of this is new and I feel like we are moving in the direction that we want to be in – yes it seems like a long tedious process – and it is – but you have to understand there’s so much that’s going on in this that makes – that we might think a simple process but it’s really involving 209 countries and it’s involving quite a bit of behind the scenes – and of course you’ve got certain factions that are not really with us that are against us going through – you have to know that – most of you do – and yet there are plenty of factions with us that are going and pushing this through as hard as they can – and as soon as they can –


So that is really what I wanted to  share with you tonight – it’s not a ton of information – it’s general – in nature – BUT – this is an important time for us to get prepared for what is eventually going to come through for us –


This is really an incredible time – if you knew what I knew about restoration of our republic – it will come out soon – if for some reason we have a call on Thursday I might be able to bring out more detail – but for right now believe me when I tell you that changes are in the wings and are happening now – Let’s see what happens in the next few days and of course if we don’t have anything by Thursday – we will have a call on Thursday night


Everybody have a great night –


Brude’s Big Call REPLAY LINK    Intel Begins:  59:20

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