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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 5-24-22


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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday May 24th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Welcome everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay


Alright- here we go – it’s intel time – let’s get started on as much as I can recall to bring to you tonight – Let’s start with one of our connections with one of our redemption centers –


The information that I got yesterday was they were supposed to have people coming in – staff coming in the redemption center today at 1 PM – the “possibility” of this notification coming out – but really the staff was called to come in  hours earlier – at 11 am this morning – one for a private meeting that lasted  one half hour – and then starting at 11:30 – 3:30 a 4 hour conference call – probably a zoom call – imagine that  to all redemption centers all across the country –


Now here’s why I believe that occurred – certainly they have been trained very well in most cases – we just know that – because they have had call after call after call – and they’ve had so much training over the last 2-3 years – but they have had a few new people to come in –a few people that moved on – but what’s really interesting to me is that not all of the redemption centers have been on target –with everything that they should have received –


So I believe this is the way they could get certain areas of the country – read my drift – up to speed – that might not have been as “aware” as other areas of the country in terms of this going and going in the time frame that we’re hearing – so let’s talk about that – so they had nice long 4 hour zoom conference call –


What we are getting is – and this is fun because – we’re getting two different viewpoints at least on the timing of when this is going to go –


One of the view points from Charlie Ward – I think Friday – said he was given a 7-10 day window and he wasn’t specific – he never really is – on his intel is sort of “general” – but then he said – and then for the rest of us 10 – 14 days – call it a fort night which means 14 – (recording mishap here – no voice for several seconds – words / text lost time 1:10:52)


What happens with that is the ? fort night concept is really one that’s dealing more with the public – we’ve heard a few people talking about this going out till the first or second of June – it is possible but we had heard even two days ago that the public would get started somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd of June – so that timing seems to be more in line with the start of the public – which is tier 5 – we are tier 4B – so our theory is we are supposed to go before then –


Now the other side of it is we had heard from one of our redemption centers that we should look forward to numbers coming out tomorrow (Wednesday) – and that was coming from some pretty high sources – also yesterday we received some information from very very high up – so whether it is that quick – that soon –  that we could get notified tomorrow and start Wednesday or Thursday of this week – we have  to look at that as a possibility – and then we also have to look this could delay until the end of the month or first few days of June


Now – like I said that first few days of June may be referring to the public – but it is not clear and Charlie Ward certainly did not – the only thing he said was that for those of us like Me – well Charlie I would not call him the public – he is – then that would make sense – if he was considered the public – the tier 5 – hard to imagine but whatever ——


So I would say based on that we should prepare for any time this week all the way up to the first couple days of June and be prepared for either one – or both scenarios


We’re hearing the bond holders – we got this this evening – the bond holders that are to be notified are looking at Thursday – for notifications – we believe we are a parallel  track with bond holders who are tier 3 to be notified – I’ve heard it said – same time that bond holders get notified about their liquidity – we are to be notified with our toll free  number – with exchanges to follow after we set our appointments –  so that is as tight of a shotgun start can get – really for tier 3 and tier 4


So I will say this –  just as we’ve been pushed the bond holders have been pushed also – for months they have been pushed back – day after day after day after day – to whether they are going to have notifications to receive their liquidity and access to funds


We know the access for funds for tier 4B – that’s us – the internet group – have been in the banks accounts since Friday at 1PM – they’re there – they are there for us to get started


The other thing is that 3 countries still needed to get connected to the QFS and those 3 countries are Israel – Lebanon – and ?? – Those 3 countries are to be connected completely to the QFS by 1 AM tomorrow (Wed)


So then everybody will be connected – all the banks – everybody should be ready to go – so I’m saying that brings us to the “possibility” of getting notified tomorrow and starting Thursday – BUT – AGAIN – it could be stretched out – for some reason –


We had 2 very high up – as high as you can get – in the Treasury – ok – and the person helping him – to get this blessing out to  us said that – he really did not see anything else that would be in the way for us to start –


Now that is the very top of the Treasury and his faithful assistant appointed by President Trump – be on the lookout for possible changes to occur in that first week of June politically as well


We heard today from one of our redemption centers that we talk to – that I don’t care if you have a suitcase full of 10 different currencies – they want to limit your redemption appointment to 45 minutes – and you’re OUT – out the door – this redemption meeting / appointment / exchange opportunity – is to get in – get currency counted – verified – account set up – a primary account – Quantum account set up – I don’t know if there will even be time to set up a secondary account with Wells on that day – they will be going quickly –


By the way – on zim – let’s cut to this – certain people have written that the zim value is so many millions of dollars for a 100 trillion zim note – NOT TRUE – that is not what we have ever gotten – from our bank sources or redemption centers – our top line Wells Fargo Executives – that is a bearer bond – whatever the value on that note is – a 10 trillion note – a 50 trillion note – whatever it is – all have a “face” value – that face value times a very decent rate – if you are a project person you will get a very strong rate times those numbers

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