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“Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5” (Repost from  4-6-18)

Anybody wonder how these tiers break down? I’ve asked a few pundits and putting what I have learned together with what I know to be true I came up with a working hypothesis.

Tier 1 is global authorities: US Treasury, European Union, Monarchy (Sovereign “Very Old Money”);

Tier 2 is world governments, entities led by whatever governing authority is assigned the task of negotiating and coordinating debt settlement and acquisition, bond issuance and management, including BIS, IMF, WBO;

In this tier are also “Family” members who are the principal owners of the world’s wealth.

These people assigned their gold, gemstones, exotic minerals, etc., over to the UST/Central Banks and now, finally may have restitution.

But notice, they are still under the authority of tier 1.

Tier 3 are the “Authors of the Plan”, those brave souls who had the vision to restore financial strength to a world run amok with debt and to free the slaves to the debt (you and me).

This tier includes every “pre-arrangement” facilitated by and in cooperation with Tiers 1 and 2, including: principals, paymasters, groups and sub-groups, approved members one and all.

In this tier 3 are also found “Elites”. This might also be people working in intelligence, in military or financial or government sectors, or know someone who is working on The Great Financial Reset. It might also include bankers working on this transaction being given early benefits.

We’ve been told that Tier 3 have negotiated rates much lower than the rates tier 4 will receive.

Tier 4 is “the Internet Group”.

Those that are knowledgeable about RV GCR and its possibilities. This is a group of either independents, never joined a group or those who have joined a group and either bought more or held currency aside to hedge their bets and, as Plan B, C and D. Tier 4 are mavericks and believers.

Tier 4 are also reckoned by the banks as:

The Ones that must be helped to make wise decisions. They are somewhat aware of what is happening. They are malleable and will follow instructions. They are also the group that can be used to further our agenda for control of the world’s wealth and end corruption and money laundering.

There’s a lot riding on our shoulders…. We are given an incredible opportunity here. We just have to understand how to maneuver safely through the exchange process and get to the other side.

Tier 5 are the unaware, sock-drawer, public.

They may have been gifted currency but don’t actively follow this process. Once we have exchanges starting they will probably be notified by word of mouth. Tier 5 we’ve been told, are going to receive pennies, a fraction of the amount of tier 4.

You might wonder, how was this 5 tier structure designed – what template was used to theorize this and ultimately get us to our end goal?

This is one example and just my guess. In the world of trade in the global bond market, Tier 2, is buying and selling a nation’s debt instruments backed by gold/hard assets put up by Tier 1 entity. Tier 3 are the exit buyers after various entities within Tier 2 have bought and sold the instrument taking their slice of the pie and paying fees and commissions and the (large) portion demanded by tier 1 for; 1) allowing the trade to proceed, and, 2) backing it with their hard assets.

Typically after 3 – 5 passes an exit buyer pays 94 to 97% on a coupon paying bond instrument originally cut by the bank at 70 – 80% of value, (for example) and the deed is done in 24 to 48 hours. All this and a huge amount of working capital was created by the creation of these debt instruments. It’s a great plan except for the fact that every national government of the world is a banana republic.

The leaders all have their hands out. The infrastructure projects are shorted and the result is default. This is where we come in. We are the wild card.

In political science, the term banana republic describes a politically unstable country with an economy dependent upon the exportation of a limited-resource product, e.g. bananas, minerals, etc., which in our/US case it’s the creation /facilitation of these paper bonds and fiat moneys.

Back to the tier 4 tribe, for we are a tribe. We’ve been here before in history and are getting a chance to do it right this time around.

We’ve been looking for a book titled RV GCR FOR DUMMIES. Sadly, no one has published this yet so we can only resort to look to whatever resources are available and offered up by an assumedly knowledgeable source.

Like in a cafeteria we take a little of this and a little of that. Please consider my offering here kindly meant for your consumption. I’m only another One of the Tribe and no attorney or financial advisor. This is simply what I intend to do – given what I have heard to date:

Have a revocable trust that names you as Trustee and Trustor/Grantor both. You direct how money’s spent and you supply the money being spent. There is no middle man. This is the most important thing to do today to be prepared for exchange since the skeleton trust gives Trustee authority to the bank. We’ve been told that we must have a trust for anything over 1 million dollars.

I have never ever given control of my assets to another entity and never planned to. I’ve owned several businesses and held assets totaling 7 digits so I’m investor-aware. Because of this extraordinary time and this extraordinary event and what it entails, I am open to considering the possibility of working together with a trust management company. There is so much to learn. We are all learning as we go. Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are all going to be learning on the job. It’s going to need a team effort to manage this wealth belonging to the world.

During the exchange with the Exchange/Redemption centers I will add this caveat to agreements, after my signature: accepted and signed by ______, AND SUBJECT TO REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE BY MY LEGAL/TRUST MANAGEMENT TEAM WITH THE MUTUALLY AGREED ABILITY TO HAVE FURTHER NEGOTIATIONS

With signature acceptance/acknowledgement by the person negotiating with me.

We have heard so many conflicting stories we’re left wondering if we can trust the banks? Can we trust the authorities responsible for this process? It’s a tough quandary for many, including me. This addition gives me the open door to get the advice of wise people while cooperating with the kind exchange party host. Don’t know if they will accept this or not. I will ask and expect cooperation in return.

I’m going to close with this thought and I have written about this before. We are creating this Grand Event together with the various entities. With every article we contribute. With every conversation we contribute. There is still too much confusion and smoke and mirrors about this exchange process. We request and receive all honor for our commitment, for our integrity of service. We require TRANSPARENCY for this Internet Group/Tier 4 Tribe’s ease of transition from working class to ultra nouveau riche global saviors. This is Our Turn.

Sent with warm hugs, and written because I have your back. I know that you have mine.


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