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One more bank story…

I have been in this waiting game since 2005 when I purchased the first Dinar on the speculation it should grow in value at least faster than what I could get in a CD account.

I decided this last week to call a bank officer whom I had spoken with only once before at the local WF bank location (central Florida). The last time I spoke to him in early 2015 he said he knew nothing about the revaluation of the dinar and only had heard it was a fraud, but he had one other depositor who had asked him to keep her name and phone number and call her if it occurred.

He offered to do the same for me. This call was a little different story. He gave me what sounded like a rehearsed sentence. “This branch nor any other nearby branch will be involved with negotiating the redemption of dinar.”

I tried to quiz him further if he knew of any locations that would, but he said, “All I know is” and repeated the same words. I found it interesting that he used the word “negotiating” and that he said nothing about it being a fraud. Hmmmmm.