Adam Montana

I’m very upbeat about the Dinar right now.

More so than I have been in quite some time!

We have Budget activity that is more timely than at any point in recent history.

We have major talks of buttoning up Read More

Adam Montana

[When you read articles pertaining to the RV, what are some of the signs or tip offs that you see in an article that tells you something is going to happen? Also, is Iraq in another holding pattern now?  Read More

Adam Montana

[If Iraq is borrowing money, how can they afford to RV?]

That’s a non-question… a financial company is building a 20 million dollar structure across the street from one of my commercial  properties.

I am personal friends with Read More

Adam Montana

[Who is going to give in first on the HCL issues. From what I’m  understanding the whole HCL thing is just a matter of the percentage of the budget.]

Who” is going to give in first?

That’s a Read More

Adam Montana

I believe the HCL is closely tied to many things, which is why it couldn’t be passed successfully in the  past.

Too many things are intertwined into it!

This is not a “magic wand” situation…

Many many factors are part Read More

Adam Montana

2016 is in the rear view mirror.

Upwards and onwards!

A lot of things took place towards the end of last year (just a few weeks ago…!), and Parliament is kicking the year off with a lot of forward progress.Read More