The signing of the agreement represents an important signal to the international arena that Iraq is committed to all the rules of transparency in international arbitration in case of dispute between the investors and the states,” and expressed hope Read More


Much of the expectation we’ve all had – was directly inspired by Abadi and Alak.

They are the ones telling us when they were going to “start the project”… whatever “delay” Alak commented on – seems to drawing to a … Read More


Article: “Iraq joins the transparency in the arbitration agreement between investors and states

Oh wow – they are REALLY BEATING THIS DRUM right now…

Once international investment has both and way in and a way out – you … Read More


Article: “Rasheed Bank grants loans to citizens of up to 30 million dinars

[Any thoughts on Rasheed bank starting car loans and buying Us dollars from citizens!]

1st – why would they loan money in an Read More


Iraq NEEDS INTERNATIONAL ACCEPTANCE in the worst way – they don’t “self-determine” that…they have to garner such support.

Who cares what you price your “product” (ie; currency) at – if no one will buy it?

Saddam found that out the Read More


[Can someone explain why this CANNOT revalue at .05? And I mean CANNOT, not why you THINK it won’t. In addition, if it does increase to that number, it’s still considered an RV and increase in purchasing power, much Read More

BGG & loop

[Are you upbeat on the GOI and banking progress?]


HUGE PROGRESS… they are (probably) right at the doorstep of what they need done.

Once a couple of things are done – they are fiscally ready to Read More


[What’s your thoughts on…Trump, and what he said about the currencies yesterday?]

I would take what he’s saying as more of an illustration and not a “literal” statement.

However, he seems to be very direct and means to Read More


[Have you got any follow up info on the…FOREX…and…the airlines?]

I did some checking – the Forex jive is pure BOGUS.

The IQD has been listed on many Forex platforms for a long time…whatever tiny fluctuations you see Read More


[Your thots (thoughts) on the lack of updates by the cbi?]

I’m not sure what to make of that – it is VERY DIFFERENT, NEW and WEIRD.

I suspect it has something to do with what we are Read More