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Iraq announces the issuance of foreign bonds worth one billion dollars

Issued and the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, Sunday, foreign government bonds guaranteed by the US government in the amount of one billion dollars.

According to a ministry statement received … Read More

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Barzani: The US Army Survival in Kurdistan and Iraq’s decision Izzo was “the best” must

The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Saturday, the US military to stay in the region, in what was described the decision to … Read More

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Killing, “Abu Anas Iraq,” a close associate of al-Baghdadi, in an air strike

I almost US Department of Defense Pentagon, on Friday, killing one Iraqi Abu Anas members of the inner circle of the leader Daesh terrorist named Abu Bakr … Read More

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Abadi undertakes to provide electrical power for long hours

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi vowed again Tuesday, providing electrical power to the citizens for long hours and good wages.

Ebadi said that “the Iraqi government is still sticking to the decision … Read More

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Bahrain condemns Maliki’s comments and calls for Iraq’s ambassador in Manama

Bahrain summoned foreign ministry Monday, Ahmed Nayef Rashid al-Dulaimi, Iraqi Ambassador to the Kingdom.

The Under Secretary of the Ministry of Regional Affairs and Cooperation Council, Ambassador Waheed Mubarak … Read More

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Barzani heads to Switzerland on an official visit

He left the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, on Monday, the Kurdistan region of heading to Europe on an official visit.

Barzani will take part during the visit in the Davos international … Read More

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Netanyahu describes the Paris Conference vanities

Description of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, held in Paris vanities peace conference, noting that it had been his ordination between the French and the Palestinians in order to try to dictate the … Read More

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Israeli newspaper revealed the involvement of Obama’s assassination of the leader singer

Security commentator in the newspaper “Maariv”, “Yossi Melman said,” that, according to investigations published in the newspapers, “The Washington Post” and “Newsweek”, in February 2008 a month after … Read More

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Canada plans to send weapons worth 9 million and a half million dollars for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

He revealed a spokesman for the National Defense Department in Canada, Daniel Butler, said his country will be covered by a variety … Read More

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NATO announces the establishment of a military base in Iraq

NATO announced (NATO), on Wednesday, to begin to establish a new military base in Iraq him.

A military source in NATO that “the heads of states have responded to the … Read More