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Officer “Taiwirjaoa” in charge of a checkpoint in the Green Zone, Maliki refuses to raise the images of the point!


A responsible officer refused for a checkpoint inside the Green implementation of the General Commander of the Armed Forces orders lifting Pictures officials from the streets the region. 

A military source said works within the control of the Lieutenant Mohammed Abdul Ridha, which is one of the relatives of the Vice President Nuri al-Maliki’s refusal to lift the last image from the front control. 

Through One Interior Ministry officers in charge of one of Baghdad Sitarat above the image Nuri al-Maliki control his displeasure of the large number of images in the streets and the lack of ability to raise any image, fearing the death of its leaders.Noting that “the presence of the images in checkpoints and everywhere reminiscent of the era of Saddam buried.” 

He said the officer, who declined to be named for fear of punishment that “al-Maliki images spread checkpoints decision came after Bancharha of some leaders.”Stressing that “raising the electoral images no right to security forces, which is the jurisdiction of the Commission and the Municipality of Baghdad.” 

In spite of the end of the election, still images some of the leaders of political entities, including the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki filled the streets of the capital Baghdad.”

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