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USA Election Update 2020 – ‘INTEL’ Notes & Video Interview with Charlie Ward & Ann Vandersteel (link at bottom)

  1. There will be a number of arrests this week and next week and we will start to see the indictments served.
  2. Trump would move the US away from Admiral and Maritime Law.
  3. The Trump team will expose the fraudulent election.
  4. The Mainstream Media was part of the Cabal.
  5. We know the election was corrupted. There were more votes than registered voters in many states.
  6. When we get into the new system we don’t want the present politicians.
  7. When we have another election it will be a fair system. (using the Quantum Voting System)
  8. In a few days Trump will announce NESARA and we will have to have another election in 120 days.
  9. NESARA began in the 1950s…was going to be announced just before President Kennedy was killed and again before 9/11.  It’s being launched now…meaning that the Cabal would lose their control over the world.
  10. The City of London is no more.
  11. The Federal Reserve was placed into the US Treasury.
  12. The Vatican has collapsed and the 13 Illuminati families have been arrested.
  13. NESARA would clear us of our debt.
  14. The first to sign onto GESARA was North Korea.
  15. Remain calm and turn off the Mainstream Media because it’s telling you lies.
  16. The ballots used in the election were printed by the Department of Homeland Security.
  17. Every legitimate ballot across America was watermarked with QFS blockchain encryption codes.
  18. Trump was fully aware of the sting operation and was allowing the Dems to dig themselves deeper into their election fraud.
  19. The sophisticated sting operation was intended to catch and expose the massive vote fraud
  20. Everything you’re seeing right now with the ballot fraud was completely expected by Trump’s people.
  21. Thousands and thousands of National Guard Troops (over 20,000) have been sent to 12 states right now to assist in securing the legitimate ballots and throwing out the fake ballots printed up by Democrats as part of their fraud operation.
  22. This sting will expose the entire Biden family and get them all convicted and sent to prison.
  23. All the ballots were watermarked with QFS blockchain and sent 20,000 or more National Guard troops to the ballot centers.
  24. The few members of the media who were allowed to be in on this operation were able to keep it secret all this time.
  25. This has been a set up by Trump for a long…long time. This is our counter-coup against the Bidens.
  26. Arrests are coming right away and (as of tomorrow Fri. 6 Nov.) and it will continue for a long time to come.
  27. This is the biggest sting operation in the history of America.
  28. Joe Biden openly admitted on camera to the nationwide vote fraud…just as he also openly admitted to withholding a billion dollars from Ukraine in order to get prosecutors fired who were looking into the Burisma scandals that involved kickbacks to his son Hunter.
  29. Various online sources are claiming to have ‘behind the scenes’ access to press releases that aren’t yet available to the public.
  30. According to one rumor…the Department of Homeland Security has secretly announced an ‘Election Audit Sting’ that claims 80% of the ballots have failed ballot integrity checks.

Video link: >>> Ann Vandersteel and Charlie Ward USA Election Update 2020 – Dr. Charlie Ward