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Gold Backed QFS, NESARA & GESARA with Santa Surfing and Chris Pomfret – Part 1


Charles: Today we have Santa Surfing, Chris P and big things happening this week!

SantaS: I heard the GCR is happening this week- maybe today. And the QFS is ready… of 2 weeks ago.

Charles: This is not conspiracy. It is truth. It’s happened or is currently happening……yes the QFS is working right now. Instant settlements all around the world…….and all the currencies will be gold backed or precious metals backed!

ChrisP: I have also heard this from totally separate sources

SantaS: And Gold hit $2000 yesterday- this broke a barrier…….and banks have to find this in physical gold.

ChrisP: Keep an open mind…..remember that everything you thought you knew might not be true……and things you once dismissed as false might be……..  Lets do a reminder of what Nesara/Gesara really is…