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Doug Billings: Jan 18, 2021

At about minute 26:00

Q: In regards to world finances….what do you see on the horizon for any specific and major changes in the world financial structure?

CW: We are about to change financial systems from the old fiat currency SWIFT system across to the Quantum financial system and the currencies worldwide will be backed by precious metals.

It is digital currencies, blockchain technologies . This is quantum physics and quantum science. It is an amazing system and it will become very clear exactly what it is when it is released.

There will still be cash and there still will be coins. The USD will change to the USN- United States Note in this transition . Your old dollar will go 1 to 1 into your new dollar …no worries with that. The only ones who should worry are those whose money is contaminated by drugs, pedophilia …they will lose the lot.

Q: Same for our friends in Europe or other places?  ….no need to be concerned?

CW: Absolutely no need to be concerned at all….the only concerns are for those who are not awake….we need to help them from the dark to the light……they need our help…no need to say “I told you so” .