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Charlie Ward Discusses QFS Iraqi Dinar with Nicholas Veniamin

NV: You were saying the Iraqi Dinar has already revalued….Is that correct?

CW: Yes….for the last 48 hours…the Iraqis within Iraq have been able to exchange 1 dinar to 1 US dollar. It will actually be a USN or US note….that process has already started because their budget was approved and they have already started. This is just within Iraq.

You will only hear about this through people like us because the MSM have chosen to not tell us the truth….but, we are used to that.

Nick and Charlie then invite Iraqis living in Iraq to come on with them and tell us all about it…..

NV: So Charlie, are you suggesting we are very close to the currency revaluations now?

CW: Yes…imo we are hours away from the revaluations and the global currency reset and the QFS starting off……we are very, very close.

Everything from a “human” point of view has been done. The codes are in, the system is ready to be turned on…