Charlie Ward & Nicholas Veniamin

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QFS with Nicholas Veniamin and Charles Ward

Some Snippets from call……….

NV: Charlie has news today about the Quantum Financial System and that March is a very big month.

CW: I now have in black and white all the details of the QFS and how it works and operates. I can’t comment just yet everything about it…but I have the info in black and white.

This weekend I will be talking with the chairman of the QFS to see what I can and cannot share with the public. They can use me as a mouthpiece to inform the public exactly what is going on with the QFS.

March is going to be March Madness or Mental March….and April is going to be so much fun.

You will start to see things on a very positive level as we transition out of darkness into light. We will be moving from a very controlled place and it’s so exciting. We are moving away from the corrupt, evil systems of Great Britain, the USA and the European Union and all of the other countries of the world.

There is a lot going on right now. Its coming..there is no stopping it.

NV: When you say March and April are going to be big months – do you mean financially or arrests ?

CW: We are talking about the Quantum Financial System….We are talking about the Global Currency Reset and we are talking about the revaluations….we are talking about arrests and exposure.

 NV: What can you tell us what may happen?

CW: Moving away from the debt enslaved operating system …the old swift system with fiat currency…. And moving into a honest system while we take the power away from the evil and giving the power back to ourselves.  The biggest shock for many will be that the MSM and governments are all corrupt and they have all been in bed together. When they see the truth it will blow their socks off…..

We will be moving into a wonderful place without debt… will be an amazing place.  We are moving into a beautiful world.

CW: I will be back soon when I find out what I can and cannot say about the QFS…….

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