In Cliff 

It appears that the CBI “test site” that many are discussing is legitimate, as the URL on which it appears ( can be accessed from the real active CBI site under the STATISTICS tab.

This would give credence to the theory that this is an actual test site that was and is being utilized by the bank’s web developers.

But what intrigues me is how so many have seen the 1.2 figure next to the US Dollar slot and have announced that it means that the dinar will be revalued at $1.20, when that does not appear to me to be what it is indicating at all.

On the actual active site (, it presently shows 1184 on the US dollar slot…which I understand to mean that it takes 1184 dinar to equal 1 US dollar.

This would make the value of the dinar to be .000845 (1 divided by 1184), thus the 3 zeroes.

So, by the same token, the 1.2 figure on the test site SHOULD NOT mean that a dinar is valued at $1.20, but that it takes 1.2 dinars to equal 1 US dollar.

This would be .833 US dollars (1 divided by 1.2 equals 83.3 cents), and not the $1.20 that everyone is talking about.

So, in my view, the 1.2 displayed is just a rounded-off number that shows the present value of the dinar in US dollars…with the 3 zeroes removed.

Of course, I understand that this is not the actual and final international rate that we will receive…but I believe it is a rounded-off depiction of the present value of the dinar…without the 3 zeroes.

Also then, on the test site, the calculator is showing how many dinar it will take to buy another currency.

Remember, this website is about them…not us.

It is about the dinar, not about the US dollar.

So, when you type the number 1 into the calculator for US dollar, the result comes up as 1.2, but again, this does not mean that a dinar is worth 1.2 US dollars but rather that a US dollar is worth 1.2 dinar.

Again, it is a tool designed FOR THEM to use as a calculator, not for us.