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Trump to announce combative new approach to Iran

President Donald Trump will announce a combative new strategy toward Iran on Friday, publicly rejecting the United States’ adherence to his predecessor’s nuclear deal but stopping short, for now, of scrapping the agreement entirely.

The move to “decertify” Iran’s compliance in the nuclear pact doesn’t amount to ripping up the accord, as he promised to do as a candidate.

Instead, Trump will foist the agreement upon Congress, which now has 60 days to determine a path forward. Republicans and Democrats alike — who also face upcoming battles over taxes, immigration and health care — have shown few signs they’re willing to take up another divisive issue.

If lawmakers decide to impose new punitive economic sanctions on Iran, the deal will likely fall apart. Instead, the Trump administration wants members of Congress to adopt new measures that would keep the deal intact, while spelling out parameters by which the US would impose new sanctions should Iran violate its agreements.

In a midday speech, Trump will also detail a more combative approach to Iran’s ballistic missile program and its support for terrorist networks, including the possibility of new economic sanctions on individuals and entities associated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which provides support for a number of militant groups, including Hezbollah.