Cowboy DownUnder

  In Cowboy Down Under 

Been awhile since I picked up a pen and wrote down my thoughts. I’ve been standing on the sidelines, watching everything from the cheap seats, staying out of the frey, because it has seemed like the only way I could keep my sanity for the last few years.

10 years I’ve been in this and I know others who have been in it three times longer then that. Sure does seem like long long time to wait just to help so many in such dire need that we have met along this road to the RV. Yet when I look back over that road many of us have traveled together,

I see nothing but rich and amazing personalities who have entered my life, become my friends and truly woven themselves into the fabric of my life. I know many of you know who you are and believe me when I tell you I am so happy for our friendship, for your writing, for your post, for your truths, for your visits in the chat rooms we have shared, for our conversations on the calls and for the times we have held each other up and cheered each other on! I feel truly blessed for our connection, for our friendships, for our agreements and even for our disagreements.

Over the years we have had a lot of ideas about how this journey might someday end but I am sure that no one here would have predicted the world events we would endure to get to the final day we stand in the redemption center and do our exchange. How strong and weak we have all been, pushed to our limits, patients tried, resources exhausted, hearts broken while watching others here pass away. Many of us reaching the end of rope multiple times as we wait and wait and wait together. All the while having to put up with those incessant Trolls, sent here with one mission, to get us to give up on our dream and just go away, to separate from each other for good.

Yet through it all here we still stand, believing in the good things coming, believing in ourselves, believing in each other, believing that our amazing projects will someday see the light of day, believing that together we will enter that promised land, where we will truly be called to step up and do the right thing. That our humanitarian projects big and small will make a difference for future generations to enjoy life in a better world, made that way because we stayed here and we did not loose faith. They threw everything they could at us, fear, hate, anger, jealosy, resentment, lies and more lies yet here we are, still standing in love, arm in arm, with I pray only our desire to “Do No Harm.” Do not fall for their calls to pick up your weapons and harm each other. Do not believe that hate will win the day. Trust in the guiding light of God’s greatest plan to light our way forward. You are all here for a reason that only you know. Trust that!

My own project H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth And Life) has so defined itself in the waiting, it has grown into a clear, concise, absolute and completely manageable project. Over the years of waiting the right people have entered the picture to make my task easier, the right political environment has developed, the need for it has only gotten greater and the clarity of why it is needed has completely shaped my view on what the world can be. Never in my Short Sweet Life have I felt more ready, more willing and more able to bring this project to a reality!

So for all of us and all of our projects, let’s get this party started, I’ll supply the music!

Cowboy on a beach in Waikiki ready for the perfect wave.