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Let’s see how the week plays out. We’re going to watch it all together and it should be fun.  It’s either going to be very exciting or very disappointing this week….

Friday the 30th is the escrow [U.N.deadline] and I hope Abadi has planted the flag or announced to the world that Iraq is fully liberated and they’ve also removed the MCP [Multiple Currency Practices] and lifted their value.

I’m hoping this is the stuff we hear this week but it doesn’t mean we’re going to hear it.

And if I’m the United Nations and I don’t hear this stuff this week I write up something and extend the escrow money for another 30 days.  Until they do what they’re actually supposed to do…

Hopefully by Wednesday Abadi goes to Mosul and plants the flag giving the United Nations a two day head start to release those funds.

Hopefully Wednesday or Thursday Abadi planting the flag in Mosul or make the announcement….should be a historic week…

Tomorrow will begin to heat up tremendously I believe and into Wednesday and Thursday and the escrow accounts on Friday and into the weekend it could be another historic week.