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G-Lin: The Association of Banks seeks to link local banks to the universal

Mobility extended to the world’s largest economies adopted by the Association of Iraqi private banks through communication with the best international banks in the United States to develop the domestic financial sector and make it more sophisticated and rival banks of the region And the world.

The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Ali Tariq said: “Iraq, as all countries of the world have the size of large wealth and a large market for work to expand the global effort is not specified in various sectors of production and service, pointing out that many of the major companies around the world is considering that Iraq has a distinctive location starting
For its production, which is marketed to the east and west of the globe. Fast services said in an interview with «morning» that this great effort Acherth Association is aware that any major efforts need to be developed banking sector offers fast services and can handle large numbers using advanced technology that began to be adopted by our banks gradually and under the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq , which gives this The joint is particularly important .

Experiences of banks

Tariq pointed out to the talks with major American banks on the consolidation of joint cooperation between the two parties and the possibility of benefiting from the experiences of major banks and their products and employment to serve the domestic financial sector, noting that the Association is the central bank of Iraq and performs its work in coordination with this financial edifice, which has developed a great technological And was authorized by  major financial institutions .

An Arab-American banking conference will be held in New York on October 16 and Iraq will have a large banking delegation, and there is great confidence between the Association of Iraqi Private Banks and the US Treasury .

Development paths

Tariq said that the work requires that we have development tracks going in parallel, the first aims to attract advanced technology to all joints of banking, which in turn will change the form of the Iraqi financial sector, and the other track is the development of human resources working in this sector and make them capable of advanced technologies,

The training is continuous and the results come in accordance with the level of ambition and this makes us achieve the goals and indicate the existence of an acceptable complementarity between the two tracks benefit the banks and the  domestic financial sector .

Money laundering

The Minister of Economic Affairs at the US Embassy Larry Mimot said: I have seen the activities carried out by the Association of Iraqi private banks, including charitable work and develop human capabilities working in the banking sector through training, specifically in the file of combating money laundering and terrorism financing, and we will work with the developers to develop them, Iraq to open relations with the Association of   American private banks .

Tariq stressed that many private banks comply with international standards and have the ability and ability to open accounts with foreign correspondent banks because of its excellent staff, policies and procedures that are subject to international standards and integration of   services.


Mcduff82:    Thanks GLin, does this mean they have to be in article 8  before consolidation  with US banks exciting article

G-Lin:  Hey Mcduff. I have never felt like Iraq needed to take a full postion in Art. 8 in order to rv. The only thing addressed in the Art. IV consultations is that Iraq accept Art. 8 obligations. They would be crazy to take a position because it would put many restrictions on them and they could never go back once they do. Just be compliant without the restrictions. And they may be very close to that currently.

As far as linking to International Banks, the only thing they need a little more work on is technology. They have to be compatible with advanced banking technology and they have been training them for months in that area. We have read art. after art. on how the banks are now compliant with international standards. I believe they are good to go. JMO 🙂

Mcduff82:    It sure sounds like they are ready to make a move  and the big banking conference in NY oct 16

G-Lin:    US Defense Secretary James Matisse told Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday that his country refused to divide Iraq.

Abadi met with Defense Secretary James Mats and his accompanying delegation during the meeting, and discussed boosting cooperation between the two countries in the field of military training and armament, in addition to the war on terrorism and the victories achieved by the forces, the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement received by Mawazine News. Iraq on terrorist gangs . ”

He added: ” new US Defense Secretary his country ‘s support for Iraq in its war against terrorism and praising the victories achieved , ” stressing that ” the United States supports maintaining the unity of Iraq and rejects any measure designed to divide and destabilize” .

US Defense Secretary James Matisse arrived in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Monday morning


G-Lin:    Barzani: referendum will not postpone one minute and Peshmerga applied Article 140 of the Constitution

“The President of the Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani on Tuesday not to postpone the referendum on the Kurdistan Region from the date scheduled to be held on September 25 next September.

“We will bear anything, but we will not delay the referendum even if only for one minute,” Barzani said in a speech during a meeting with representatives of Christians, Yazidis, Turkmen, Armenians and other components in the Kurdistan Region today in Erbil.

“There are those who say that the referendum is not in the interest of Iraq and the region, and we tell them that postponing the referendum is not in the interest of the Kurds as well.”

On Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, which concerns the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad, Barzani said that “the Peshmerga forces have applied this article courageously.”

Barzani said that “the referendum will not affect in any way the war against the organization is calling,” saying that “the Iraqi constitution has granted us the right of independence.”

He pointed out that “all components of the Kurdistan Region will participate in writing the Constitution of the independent state,” pointing out that “the system of government in the State of Kurdistan will not be federal.”


G-Lin:   Barzani declares the need for independent Kurdistan to national anthem and change the flag

​The Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani on Tuesday to the need of Kurdistan after the Declaration of Independence to a national anthem, and new flag after the Declaration of Independence.

“The era of threats is over, and we do not accept that language from anyone,” Barzani said in a speech during a meeting with representatives of Christians, Yazidis, Turkmen, Armenians and other constituents in the Kurdistan Region today in Erbil. “He said.

He added that “the blood that has burned us in the battle against the organization of a preacher must have fruits, and the fruits of independence,” saying that we should establish a system, and constitutional institutions to ensure human rights in Kurdistan.

“For the independent Kurdistan we need a new national anthem, and change the flag to include the symbols of other components as well,” Barzani said.