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G-Lin: ERBIL — A huge amount of Iraq’s annual budget has been allocated to the Shi’ite Arab militia groups of Hashd al-Shaabi since its formation back in 2014, a Kurdish member of the Iraqi parliament said.

“Hashd al-Shaabi receives a total fund of three trillion Iraqi dinars every year from Iraqi federal budget, over 1.6 trillion of which is allocated by the Ministry of Defence,” said MP Najiba Najib.

The Kurdish MP, who is also a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Economy and Financial Affairs, told BasNews that apart from the huge fund, the government-backed Shi’ite militias receive a share from the weapons provided by the US-led coalition to Iraq.

Hashd al-Shaabi, also known as Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), were established following a fatwa by Iraqi supreme Shi’ite leader Ali Sistani at the wake of the Islamic State (IS) attacks on Iraq in June 2014.

The Shi’ite groups are funded by Baghdad and said to have been directed by Iran. However, its involvement in the anti-Islamic State campaign in Iraq has always been a subject of controversy for the group’s alleged human rights abuses against the Sunni population of the areas they liberated from IS.


Bubba Bud:   Wow, this a problem that needs to get cleaned up quick.

No wonder there are issued with Baghdad and the Kurds.

Very complex, but solvable if they (Baghdad and the Kurds) share with all the regions based on a regions resource deliverables to the country’s GDP in a non biased and fare approach, and with a National vision of working together to strengthen the whole.
Thanks,    Bubba Bud

G-Lin:    Thanks BB and very well said.

Aloha Alex:   Yea, just like that old candy bar commercial…you can share half and still have a whole!

G-Lin:   Hey AA. You got it.

G-Lin:    In detail .. An important bill concerning agricultural land

BAGHDAD – The National Alliance, on Wednesday, the laws submitted to the House of Representatives on agricultural land, while stressing that the agricultural land is still one of the intractable problems .

The Alliance leader Abbas al-Bayati said in a press statement that “there is more than one law, submitted to the House of Representatives regarding the agricultural land, and some of these laws that have been submitted, related to the change of land sex and the importance of the maintenance of agricultural land,” noting that ” Abuses took place on agricultural land . ”

Al-Bayati said that “the agricultural land is still one of the intractable problems that did not open this file because it has been rented for decades and Qureun and some of them have been exceeded and the issue is still very complicated,” explaining that “there is a new law introduced and read a second reading, In the ownership of real estate in agricultural land, and this law is important and preserves the rights of the state and the citizen alike.


Bubba Bud:    G-Lin,  It looks like they are getting to the details of complex issues and learning how to get the needed laws passed.

Really good article, underscores my optomism with curent issues and advancements.
Your terrific and a blessing to this site, I wish the many who no longer post would, and guide the many who can’t because we don’t know enough to post.     THANK YOU,   Bubba Bud

G-Lin:   Ahhh thanks for the kind words BB. And yes this is a very important law. This would curtail the curruption in imports and develope that export business. That is the secret in added value to the currency. Nice to see it has been read twice. Supply and demand

G-Lin:     Iraqi Forces Advancing Towards Center of Tal Afar

G-Lin:    TAL AFAR — The Iraqi forces are approaching the center of Tal Afar city after they imposed control over al-Noor area in eastern part of the city, a source from Nineveh Operations Command told BasNews.

The Iraqi joint forces were advancing towards al-Wahda neighborhood in western Tal Afar, the source said, adding that five suicide bombers were killed in the area.

The massive ground offensive to retake Tal Afar from the grip of the Islamic State (IS) was launched on August 20 with support from the US-led International Coalition and with the participation of various Iraqi armed forces, including Hashd al-Shaabi militia.

Nineveh Operations Chief Major General Najem al-Jabouri announced today the collapse of IS in Tal Afar, pointing to the deaths of more than 80 militants during the ongoing operations in the district.

Jabouri said “gangs of IS collapsed in the district of Tal Afar, after the advance of the forces with the [coalition] air support,” noting that the Iraqi military forces are making significant progress in the fight in the district.


​G-Lin:    US-led coalition freezes ISIS resources, traps terrorists in Tal Afar

The US-led coalition announced Thursday that it had frozen ISIS resources, trapping the group’s terrorists in Tal Afar city in western Mosul.

On Wednesday, War media cell said that US-led coalition warplanes killed 37 ISIS terrorists in Tal Afar.

Also, three ISIS strongholds, four weapons depots, two booby-trapped vehicles, and five mortars have been destroyed in these air raids.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraqi security forces launched an offensive to take back the city of Tal Afar, their next objective in the US-backed campaign to defeat ISIS terrorists.

This comes over a month after the Iraqi prime minister had declared the liberation of Mosul from ISIS terrorists.