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​Randy Koonce Update

How is Everyone in Dinarland Makin’ It?

OK, Everyone living in DinarLand. Lets Get up to speed on the current state of affairs, as they stand Today…… Iraq needs a currency. That is a fact. But, before they could address the needed currency, they first needed to get their country to a position of feeling safe. Stability and Security.

So, the US agreed, and has assisted Iraq on clearing ISIS out of Iraq… Did that mean they had to do that in order to RV? NO!! This was the preference of what IRAQ wanted to do, prior to establishing an international, valuable currency. So, the US also wanted the defeat of ISIS to be complete.

For that reason, the next ‘Window’ for watching for a change in their rate will start on Tuesday, October 17, of this week and go to the end of the month.. The greatest pressure for this to happen will be this week…… Please understand: There is NO back door on the time frame for the RV to occur.

The pressure is coming from the Void of any money in Iraq. They need to get commerce moving, and increasing the value of their money will make that happen. People who have money do not blow themselves up! They will suddenly have a way to improve their lives. The RV will assist in furthering the whole Security and Stability issue.

So the pressure is on. Why do I give a ‘window’ verses an exact time? Because i do not control this thing. If I did, it would have happened a LONG time ago!….

1. If you send me email or text and tell me you are getting out, I will rarely respond. So, don’t. If you got into this investment because you expected to get rich QUICK, your expectations were unrealistic. ALL investments take time….And I personally do not see the point in baling out after you have already spent the money to invest…

2. If someone tells you that it is a pipe dream, just remember: Iraq’s Currency was 2.75 even with Sadam Hussien in charge. Also, it is a fact that the US promised to let them restore their currency, once the fighting was finished.

And now, You say: “Ok! They quit fighting and US pulled out…. leaving a void….and everything went to hell in a hand basket.” Yes, you are correct. But, that was an official “Obama ** Move” (I mean, what else can I say!) … Obama did not want this to take place until Hillary lost the election… The only reason he did not pull the trigger on it sooner, was because Iraq wanted and needed a higher rate, and he didn’t want to give it. Bottom line – It’s all been politics!!!….

3. Speaking of Rate: We understand that Iraq has been given option to choose their Rate with Trump. So, the Range is 2.00 to 3.71. The only way to know what it will be, is wait until it comes out…. Some say .10 cents and float it up…. Well, Kuwait did that and for that very reason, this will not happen.

Kuwait had a government that operated better than Iraq does even today…. And when Kuwait floated their currency, it hurt the progress economically of Kuwiat.

​It went too high too quickly, and then on the way down, it nearly crippled the country until it finally stabilized around 3.60. So learning from the mistake that Kuwait made, the CBI said the ‘Float’ will be ‘Managed’…

What does Managed mean?…. if you look at the currency now and realize it has been this price for at least 10 years – that’s a Managed Float! … They control the rate…. they peg it off of the Dollar and the British Pound so that it will not move unless they want it to. Which is the reason they will need to RV the currency to get the rate they need…..

4. Are there any Laws that need to be passed before they let this go? NO!! Everything is just waiting on Iraq to do this ‘Thing’!! ..

5. Do not get discouraged!! Just put on your big girl panties (or big boy, as the case may be) and let this happen. Be happy about the timing… We are close.

Randy Koonce

We are close.. Every large bank will exchange.. RELAX the RV is coming…

Check every day to see if it has changed… do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Do not let your emotions get to you.

BREATHE BREATHE……… Yes I will do a meeting after the RV…… do not worry I will send out email…