Date of announcement of final election results

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A source close to the Electoral Commission for elections, on Monday, the date of the announcement of the final results of the parliamentary elections after the completion of the process of counting and partial sorting completely.

The source said that “next Wednesday will see the announcement of the final results of the stations, which received complaints and appeals, which were counted and sorted manually.”
“Data entry will begin on Tuesday and the results will be identical as previously announced without any significant change,” he added.

The Electoral Commission had announced earlier on Monday, “the end of the process of counting and sorting the hand officially” for the votes of voters in the parliamentary elections held in May.
In June, the House of Representatives ordered a recount after a government report on widespread irregularities in the initial screening process.

The Suron Alliance is the primary result with 54 seats, the Fath Alliance with 47 seats and the Al-Nasr coalition with 42 seats.

The political forces are locked in dialogues and discussions to form the next government and the largest bloc.