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The Global Currency Reset, an Analysis

Well, here we all sit waiting and wondering. Who knows the truth? Certainly not me!

However, there are various FACTS as to the history of America that we are all aware of and must consider in our analysis of the status of this massive change now called the Global Currency Reset.

Some of my analysis is based on various information sources that people question and so readers are cautioned to consider what to think – use your abilities to decide.

First, there has been a monetary system in place in the world for a long time. I do not know the actual length of time but commerce and exchange of goods and services has evolved over a very long time and is still primitive in some of the 209 countries involved in this GCR! The “Bankers” are in charge of the formal monetary system and have been for a very long time.

Second, the Global nature of the GCR involves a stated 209 countries with different languages, beliefs, customs, skin colors and structures. Some of these countries are still very primitive and being exploited by the powers to be. Some of the “Rulers” of these countries control the population by force. Some of these countries are inclined to rob and steal what they want. The survival of the fittest as Darwin put it. Consequently, the biggest and most powerful country tends to make and enforce the rules.

Third, looking at just America, the USA has a system of government that was designed to protect the people and their individual rights. This system in America has resulted in the development of the most powerful nation in human history. America has developed the best technology, best educational system, best medical system in the entire world.

Fourth, the world population is estimated to be about 7.8 billion people and America has a very small percentage of this amount with an estimated 330 million of which an estimated 30 million are illegal immigrants who have invaded America illegally. So with about .042 percent of the population America has become the richest, most advanced country in history. America has also become the most generous nation in history. While this evolution has been painful, it has been making progress every year. America has made many mistakes along the way but has always attempted to evolve and progress. This single trait has allowed America to prosper and move forward against all odds. This trait as I have termed it is a direct result of America being a Republic that values the individual rights first and foremost!

Fifth, other nations have invaded America claiming to be our friend and then stolen our technology. I am not sure how or why America decided to allow this crime. However, the why is always the most difficult question, but the how, when and where is easy! Of course, the motive is also very easy = GREED!

Sixth, there is massive corruption in America and the world. This corruption has been documented and involves many leaders in politics. The Bush Family, The Clinton Family, the Obama Group (this couple and their assumed children are an illusion). The Deep State is a very old and now dying organization. When President Trump was inaugurated as President he was visited in New York by Admiral Mike Rogers, Director of the NSA. Rogers provided Trump with all of the evidence of the corruption. Trump has it all and is in the process of exposing this corruption to America and the world.

Seventh, the “Q” movement is a real source of valid news and intelligence about the Great Awakening that is taking place. It takes time to present the exposure of the extent of the corruption and that disclosure is happening. The Ukraine corruption is just one small example. The Spygate Conspiracy (now referred to as Obama-Gate) is another. The large number of Whistle-Blowers giving evidence and proof of the corruption is another. As Q has posted in his disclosures, We have more then we know, wake up America!

Finally, the timing of the GCR and how to gage the actual release. NESARA is an indication of what is needed to allow for the release. This information is well documented and is now global in nature. All of the information has been posted on the Internet of those interested. I am attaching a Video that explains all of this in some detail and the Video is very interesting and worth watching.