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Detailed Post-Rv Plan…

Here’s mine, what does yours look like?… Security, Safety and Privacy

Private property.. not for redistribution

Here’s what i’ve got so far……..

FIRST THING after it RV’s if not sooner…go get a new disposable cell phone with new cell number for security, with a big minute package 2000+ minutes, YOU CAN AFFORD IT…this is business line use only.

Disable “GPS location” in the menu before making even the first call. (One of these days you may want to shift a few of the business contacts to a single personal line …and throw the business phone and everything attached to it away…get rid of it completely…and go on with life without people hassling you for money and services for the next 20 years).

I use a triple minute tracphone from ebay …samsung T-301g…nice lil phone under $20 shipped.  Also at walmart, dollar general etc…always pay cash for phone and minutes…ONLY. Ask for a phone with an included verizon or att sim card for better reception/coverage

If you don’t have a passport…. get started NOW! Make application for expedited Passport, you can do it online or you can do it at the post office by appointment…. expedite it…you can afford it and, you need it as soon as you can get it. You could go ahead and get one in advance if possible or at least get the forms together and filled out, add a picture…just get a head start.

There are ways to get a passport as quickly as a few hours if you are willing to spend the time and money to do so. There are services that can do it for a few hundred in a week or so.

A passport is a government issued photo ID…. used for security and privacy, to use to exchange/set up trusts and accounts, mailboxes, etc. Passports do not include your home address on them like your drivers license so; your home address is not on any accounts, paperwork or computers …. Much more private and, accepted everywhere.

During these first few hours after the RV announcement…….information about the new RV rate, terms, type of float, bank packages, codes, broker/dealer rates, etc, should be public.

There will be thousands of people working together to collect all available information with endless debate and discussion on what the best current strategy is, based on and where we’re at …at that point in time. We anticipate three potential strategies depending on the terms of release.

When the collective brain trust of the online Dinar community has made those determinations, the best scenarios for the exchange process will be available to compare with your personal plans to help formulate your own personal choices moving forward. The majority of these materials and opinions will be available and emailed out for general review.

Go get a UPS or other private mailbox service that provides a street mailing address and suite number. (US post office won’t do it) These boxes are already in short supply so you need to move quickly.

They require a physical address to set them up…try to use your passport if you already have it…use DL only if necessary. This new mailing address is for ALL new correspondence, legal matters, bank statements… everything that has to do with your new wealthy life.

Again …this is for privacy and security. This may sound silly right now but you will one day appreciate that you did it this way. These may seem to be unusual tactics but you have only one chance to provide this level of privacy and security….a lot easier to do it up front than go back and change and erase everything…..trust me.

I think you should plan on having all this done in the first 72 hours after the announcement if not sooner as a goal.

Now that you have got that done….

Go order a small run of business cards at Kinko’s or vistaprint.com, a few hundred…soon as you can get them. Very basic and simple cards. Name, (no BOX#) Street address and suite # and your new business cell phone number. …ONLY!  You need them in hand in a couple of days.

You will be meeting and talking to more people in the next few weeks than your used to …they are going to need your contact information…. hand them a card when they hand you one of theirs.

OK…by this time we’re into this a couple days and the smoke is clearing. You got all your “privacy” ducks in a row, you have seen the reviews and had time to discuss the options…maybe you’ve slept a little…maybe you haven’t. Now you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re holdin’…wealth-wise, you’ve got an idea or two about the best options out there.

Now its time to pull out your research conclusions…. you know…that stuff you’ve been working on…right? The bank research, getting referrals, annuities research, trusts, foundations, personal notes…phone numbers, contact names, addresses…. makin a list…checkin it twice…. you’ve done all that…. right?    I hope so.

Also, by this time we should know how to handle reserves if you have them, whether to lock in rates, send a payment, set an appointment etc. At this time we MAY want to lock in a rate…maybe not. We wait for those determinations based on the terms of the release.

NOTE: DO NOT USE THE WORDS “CASH-IN” AT ANYTIME WHEN TALKING TO ANYONE AT THE BANK OR DEALERS ….USE THE PHRASE “CURRENCY EXCHANGE” AT ALL TIMES. (Update 9-22-13, Always refer to your currency as IQN and VNN…NOT repeat NOT …..VND or IQD “this current info may be subject to change”)

This is where we decide how many notes we’re going to exchange to get some runnin’ money. A couple of small notes should do the trick. One 10k note will be around $30,000 minimum.

One 25k note will be $75,000 minimum. That’s enough to buy new underwear, hire professionals, get a phone, biz cards, mailbox, passport, pay off reserves, get all your bills paid up, have a nice meal and a few drinks, bail yourself out of county jail …..etc etc.

Now…. first thing….go rent a nice car for a couple weeks (you can easily renew additional weeks)…you can afford it…. and you need it. Nice car, not flashy. I have already sent out my piece on “how to buy a new car of your dreams for 50 cents on the dollar while driving one for free”. We can explore that more later.

Drive your new dream car for free and then buy it at 1/2 price  \



The rental car is a primary issue of privacy and security and…and it will be nice, and fun. The rental car is licensed to the Rental Company and so are it’s tags. No one could trace you to your car, you, or your home address, or your family from the rental tag number unless they hacked the car rental company’s computer or, unless they followed you home.

I am already checking for large hotels with underground private parking garages in my nearest local major city where I will be exchanging.  I will make a reservation at that hotel for the days/nights of exchange.

After exchange I drive to the hotel instead of home…parking the rental car in the private underground garage. I will then call the rental company and have them deliver another new rental to the hotel, park it in the garage …and have the driver leave the keys and parking location at the desk for me.

When I leave the hotel the next day or so…I will leave in the new rental (different make/model and tag number) for the drive home. The old rental will be left in the parking garage locked up with the keys under the mat for later pickup by rental agency. This eliminates any possible “tail” to your home.

Trust me…these privacy issues are well discussed and thought out for your safety…its a safety measure that will you will one day appreciate.

{{{IF FOR SOME REASON A RENTAL IS IMPOSSIBLE..A GOOD FRIEND AND TNT MEMBER SUGGESTED TODAY a line of thinking about personal safety, security and privacy when exchanging the very first note.

For those that can not pre-arrange a rental car for the exchange,. drive your car to a 24hr walmart or large mall, call a cab to pick you up at the front or other entrance, take you to the bank and have them wait for you..

After you finish business, take the cab back to the walmart or mall and enter the store for a few minutes….. find the customer service desk or a manager and ask to have a security person escort you to your car..and then proceed to your next destination.}}}

Its time to start calling Contacts from your well researched and prepared list: Financial strategist, Estate attorney, tax attorney, financial planner etc.

Personally I cant see a benefit of any kind by having these pro’s in your hometown, or exchanging at a local bank where everyone knows you…in the long run nothing good comes from that.

I’m traveling to the nearest largest major city main branch where we can easily set up account structures that auto-draft lump sums from a discrete remote anonymous private trust, LLC or holding account into our local daily personal checking account, without raising suspicions and still protecting privacy while enhancing security

Use these various professionals to estimate and prepare for tax implications, set up multiple trusts for you to diversify holdings, a foundation, annuities, Multi-Currency account, CDARS account…. setup a general financial plan. Then get your first will and a durable power of attorney drawn up.

REMEMBER, all these trusts and wills or the plans for them etc are a first step toward currency exchange, security and privacy…. they don’t have to be perfect in every way…you can change, amend and modify 90% of this stuff as you go and after the fact…it will be necessary to do that anyway…. so don’t let all this freak you out.

Now its time to go to (or contact) the several banks and make appointments to meet the Foreign Currency Manager, Wealth Managers and Private Bankers at each of those banks on your list…. this is an interview…you are interviewing them…. they will be working for you.

I think you have to start with a friendly interview by phone…. ask for someone in “Wealth Management” “private client banking” etc…..just feel them out on the phone…don’t tell everybody everything YOU know…. dont talk figures on the phone…if you’re pressed for an amount ask….”what levels of deposit are required for me to get your assistance?”

If he says a number that you can work with under your plan to diversify.simply reply…”OK…I would like to send over some materials for you…. when can we meet?”

Set an appointment a couple days out (this may need rethinking depending on the rate and terms at release). Every banker, lawyer etc doesn’t need to know the total of the Dinar or wealth you now have…only the amount they are dealing with at that one bank or institution. No need to show all your cards at one table.

They will be eager…you be prepared, confident, relaxed and calm. Its all going to sound really good…it probably wont be…breathe…. take your time …understand, get help.

Do you click with them? Great. If you don’t click because of personalities or your level of deposits is a volume beyond the experience of the person you are speaking with, or any other reason…ask if there are other persons at that bank that you might be referred to…. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

If you are fearful and confused by previously perceived authority figures (Bankers), the (Bank) environment or, just legal contracts. Maybe a trusted attorney is the first guy you hire…you can afford it…hire him to be your general counsel, he can review all documents before hand to see if it meets your requirements and protects you fairly and within the Law.

He can go to the meeting at the bank with you and negotiate changes in terms or language if needed…before you sign or agree to anything.

I have previously sent several banker/planner questionnaires that you could send to the Pro’s in advance of your meeting. Also send a “privacy and non-disclosure agreement” (NDA).

(The attorney needs to also sign a NDA and PA too, IMO). Ask that they be filled out and overnighted to your private business mailbox or you can pick them up for review a couple days before the meeting.

I want a qualified bank representative AND all bankers/wealth managers, planners, lawyers, whoever…. all of them… to sign a “NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT” and “Privacy Agreement” that is effective from our first meeting and, stays in effect long after I’m gone if I decide at a future point to leave that bank and go elsewhere. ​

Within my agreements it will be stated that i am not to be contacted by anyone other than the guy/gal (Wealth Manager) that I decide to do business with, no salesmen, nobody (unless you want 200 people calling you). That my contact info is strictly private and his/her “EYES ONLY”.

Also, that all my new personal or business account information is wiped from all front teller screens and assistant manager screens etc…and only accessible by the ONE GUY IN THE BACK. …my Guy.

And, the agreements include that NONE of my info will be distributed to anyone without signature and personal waiver lifting those restrictions on a case-by-case basis. I want to set it up the way it best suits and my lifestyle.

If that all goes well… and you’re happy there…they are cooperating and friendly…and you feel good about it and, you’re settled in. And you’ve decided to go with the person at that bank or maybe their team…its time to get down to business.

It could look like this…………..

You have researched, been referred to or chosen a solid, good rated bank(s), Banker(s), financial strategists, advisors, attorneys, planners, etc.,

you have verified that there is a currency exchange desk at all the banks you are meeting with to exchange physical currency (this wont matter with reserves unless said banker will assist somehow to settle those reserves),

that they have ABSOLUTE REAL-TIME, ON-SITE VERIFICATION of the currency you are bringing in,

that all currency exchanges are instantly credited to your accounts without additional review or unnecessary delay,

that they have a wealth management division capable of serving your banking and investment needs,

you have hired an attorney to hold your hand and help make sense of the contracts and terms as needed,

you’ve interviewed several bank personnel at several banks, you have found the right person at the bank you’ve chosen,

you have sent your questionnaire, PA and NDA in advance, they’ve filled it out and returned it to you,

you have reviewed it and are satisfied enough that you can have a sit down meeting,

you have called back to set or confirm your scheduled meeting, your appointment is made,

you’ve contacted your attorney and he’s ready to go with you on that date and he has reviewed any materials so far provided as needed,

you have all your dinar/dong counted and separated, you’ve decided how much Dinar you will be exchanging at this one bank or institution,

and have all your purchase receipts and passport ID in a neat little bundle, paper sack or folder..

On bank day…. .you head to the bank in your rental car with a trunk full of Dinar; you’re wearing everyday clothes that blends in with people in your local area….

this is not paparazzi moment on the Hollywood red carpet…. just slip in….do your business calmly…leave…. go somewhere else (not home), eventually the hotel as earlier described.

Depending on the news reports and social awareness at the time, your level of competence, how much physical Dinar you have…how fast you can run…etc etc.

You might consider a uniformed off-duty officer to escort you from your home to the bank and back…you can afford it.

Or…you might contract with that same uniformed officer in advance to simply be at the bank…standing in uniform beside his police car in the parking lot near the entrance 30 minutes before your appointment.

He is to remain until you call him to release him from assignment. (You release him from duty after you safely leave the bank and arrive at your nest destination …you never have to meet the guy if you don’t want to.).

He doesn’t have to know you…you wouldn’t even have to introduce yourself or acknowledge him in any way. Just his presence in the parking lot would be a great deterrent for any potential unwanted activity.

If things get weird…he is still in your employ…you can call him or address him personally and ask for any assistance you need.

If you have tons of Dinar…please make arrangements for a courier or brinks truck to transport.

So…you go to the bank to setup new accounts to accept either an on-site CURRENCY EXCHANGE or setup accounts to accept wires from reserve dealers…. or both.

Personally I’m using all NIB accounts and, as suggested, opening up one or more of those for each currency held …keeping the IQN separate from all other currencies, including the USD, at all times.

And, also setting up a mirror account system for each currency held over one year seperating the deposits derived from that purchased currency from currency or reserves under one year from purchase.

If at anytime it doesn’t feel right…don’t do it. If you’re confused…STOP and get answers…if you need to take a private break with your attorney to discuss something…do it…. if you need to sleep on it overnight…do it…. if it gets too weird…leave.

Diversify by spreading deposits equally over a couple, several or many different banks, credit unions and investment vehicles to manage risk. I have sent these study materials already.

Negotiate third-party deposit insurance on all balances at every deposit location and account…maybe the bank will pay the premium? They should…its an insurance policy premium based of the banks credibility and stability…not yours or your money…they should pay the premium.

A Non-Interest Bearing (NIB) account(s) is what I believe at this time to be the best option…. many will disagree. Yes, you will lose some interest during the development phases of your financial plan but it is short term and temporary.

Since there is no Interest earned on a NIB, that one aspect eliminates the reporting requirement possibly providing additional time to develop better tax strategies.

It is also the recommended or suggested method to provide a slightly higher level of privacy and security and…. maybe even private banking side provided insurance coverage for those deposits or enable third party insurance product availability.

Setup two new bank accounts at each bank for deposits (4 if you hold currency over 1 year old), these may or may not be into a trust or other financial vehicle (these are deposit accounts only)….

1st account is a wire account that will receive the wire deposit from the broker/dealer or even used to wire funds from bank to bank if needed..

As soon as the wire is received…. the funds are “Swept” from that account to the second “Holding” account…then the first account is closed immediately to prevent charge backs, hacking or other frauds…this adds an additional layer of privacy and security.

Initially these accounts may need to be in your name if you haven’t already setup up other privacy through entity structures. Eventually all holding accounts will likely be in the trust’s or LLC’s name (not yours) with you or an appointee as the trustee/manager. The address of the trust will be your mailbox; the phone contact is your business disposable phone.

a new discovery as of yesterday (9-28) ….AGENCY TRUST ACCOUNTS…it looks important to me. It is probably a temporary measure and more suitable to some than others.

It takes 15 minutes to set it up and its free. Its not under the depositors SS# but the banks FEIN#, under custodial fiduciary care, we retain full control, funds are private and safe from bank comingling and there are reports it may defer tax assesment..check with a pro…this is new information

An introduction study of exchange strategy using temporary Agency Trust Accounts


or .


Its a vehicle found on the private side of wealth management in the trust department. Its a “shelf trust” available to customers to accept incoming capital assets, its like a trust account. its in the bank, funds are and can be distributed…even to your other accounts. You own and control the money…you direct your manager custodian as to what to do with those funds…as i currently understand it

“Mask the Balance” of Accounts

If there is a large amount of money sitting in an account, tell your private banker to “Mask the Balance” of that account.  This limits a teller who might have to pull up your balance from seeing the whole amount in your account and only reveals the amount you specify.

​Add a P.O.D. (pay on death) clause to each account and signature card. You will need to name/designate a person that can access that money if you’re dead without the state probate interference.

Always write the words “All Rights Reserved” ABOVE your signature on everything you sign, no matter what it is…. for the rest of your life.

Set up a secret verbal password that only you and your private banker know. You will use this password to do remote banking by phone when needed…like lifting a spending limit on debit cards or secure transfers of funds for purchases or investments.

Setup accounts with limits for your protection. Example: $5000 debit card, $25000 credit, etc. this too is a safety measure and can be modified at will.

I don’t think its a good idea to leave the bank after exchange with your maximum $10,000 cash withdrawal…. or any cash for that matter…. you’ve already exchanged tens of thousands of dollars within the last week and its already at your disposal…. leave the cash at the bank for now.

The goal right now is to get it in the bank safely and wisely…and get you back home safe…. we’ll get it out later.