In DebTarHeelGirl 

REST my precious peeps, just choose to rest and get off the roller coaster of what this guru says vs. what another one says. Stay away from the fights as its empty and a waste of brain cells to try to figure out who is right or who is wrong.

I know folks who have been hospitalized over the stress of following this 24/7.  I know folks who can’t rest from the phone calls, asking what’s new or did you hear this or that 3+ times a day. Is that really productive?

I sadly know a few couples who have actually divorced over the one living on the computer, always in the chat rooms and skype rooms, neglecting family priorities, discussing intel with unseen faces, fighting over the intel and letting it control their waking hours – how sad eh?

That’s why I write this folks, don’t let this venture take you into the negative to where you experience effects like this.

Sincerely, I suggest stop saying its been delayed again when YOUR “intel” didn’t come to pass.

This is a global event – the real info that “each poster” or “conference call guru” has spoken has never never yet once come to pass or proven real… think about it. I say that with all sincerity.

The original guru’s such as Freeway Bill, Soonerfan and others, do you see them posting intel as they used too? NO because the level of those in charge can’t be penetrated nor the real info given out.

ASSUMPTION is the issue.  Why be guilty of assumption? We all have a lesson to learn here = TRUST.  Therefore confidentiality of the who, what, when, where, why, and how’s will never be put out in public.

Iraq has to wait on the “go word” also. Do you not realize if Iraq was in charge, as impatient and crude as they are, this would have been long over with no after thought of other nations needing to RV with them?

I don’t mind anyone emailing me asking me for prayer in this endeavor. I will never turn you away or judge you.  Been there, done that, have to fight it off in this wait as you do.  I have some advice to encourage you but for you to think about…..

Let this process continue to unfold. IT’S A WORLD EVENT AND ITS REAL AND IT’S SUDDENLY GOING TO MANIFEST – so look at it with a global perspective.

When its perfected in God’s eyes, nothing missing, nothing broken, totally protected,perfected and done, and not before, this RV will come into our hands.

I pray you are ready to be accountable to received God’s wealth as He trusted you enough to pick you to be a part, are you prepared to take good care of this wealth?

All my best to you,