In Delta

More confirmation that we may see something…the Trade Bank of Iraq they came out with three separate announcements for their own customers. They’re stating that they are going to start suspending some activities…you cannot withdraw cash starting on Thursday [26th]…And on Sunday the 29th they’re going to suspend all the wire transfers and all the deposits. On Sunday you cannot deposit cash and cannot wire transfer. I’ve never seen a bank shutting down the cash. You cannot withdraw cash. You cannot deposit cash. This is very interesting to see because it’s never happened before.

You [CBI] are about to introduce the lower denominations. You’re about to change your rate. You don’t want to mess this one up…I’ve never seen this pattern before…there’s something fishy here. There’s something going on IMO…they might load those ATMs with lower denominations. Whatever the case definitely it’s very interesting and this is out of the pattern. Everything is shut down and now is the right time for you to show everything.