In Delta, Dinar Guru Updates 

It’s a very high possibility that we might really see something from the Central Bank of Iraq this week…all the media is reporting right now in Iraq, they have so many newspapers, so many live TV, so many people just talking about the subject – printing money, exchange rate. This is the first time…they’re talking about an exchange rate…before we used to dream about them talking about this…we don’t know the rate. We don’t know the date.  But this is coming from Iraq all over the news. They’re talking about exchange rate. They’re talking about printing money…everybody is happy internationally. Everybody is supporting the new Prime Minister…the World Bank…the first time they are basically supporting the financial reforms, the economic reforms – anything that has to do with money…they’re backing up this new Prime Minister 100%. This is just unbelievable news…any nanosecond we could see the rate changing.