In Delta

There’s no question about this family. We got finally the right person to the right place and at the same time everybody understands right now in Iraq that they have to open internationally. They have to open the market economy and so many talks right now about the exchange rate….5, 6, 7 years ago we used to wish to have this kind of talk everyday about the exchange rate. This is the first time you’ve seen in the last 5 or 6 months they’re talking about the exchange rate and they’re realizing right now that this is very important for them…there’s no way around it.  Increasing the value has to take place…nobody knows the date. Nobody knows the rate. We know that we can increase the rate…but here’s the question – When do they need to do this? The sooner the better for them to do it because even if they raise the value that doesn’t mean they’re going to solve the problem right away. It’s going to take some time…it could really happen at any moment in our opinion.