In Delta 

Article: “A ‘knockout’ blow to the Iraqi dinar: currency printing in exchange for the end of the financial crisis … What will Iraq do about ‘international conditions’?” This one is confirming exactly what all of us have been saying for so many years…she basically let the cat out of the bag which is we know it’s coming…this article is very telling…this guy [woman] is making it crystal clear that…We cannot devalue…because we have a contract with the IMF…and we cannot do that because it’s going to collapse Iraq…they are about to do something with the currency to go internationally…a beautiful article.

She’s saying no more sanctions number one. Number two is all the sanctions they had imposed on their currency it’s lifted. So now it’s just a matter of announcing the new rate – The one that is recognizable tradable…definitely this is more and more confirmation that something is up. Of course we don’t know exactly the time frame but we know that something is up…this article you have to reread it 3, 4, 5 times because the 1st time you’re gonna say huh? Then the 2nd time you read it is gonna shock you.  And then the 3rd time is gonna knock you off to the floor!