In Delta 

THESE ARE MESSAGES FROM IRAQI SOCIAL MEDIA TO THE NEW CBI GOV… “We hope that the value of Iraqi cash will be strengthened and that we can eliminate the zeros and return in a strong currency not necessarily at its previous value…”;  “Once the zeros are removed from the local currency, poverty and debt will be eliminated and the mortgage stake is lifted. Then the value of the Iraqi dinar will return to the equivalent of $3.3778 as in 1971 and 1973…”;  “with a return to the circulation of small coins, such as the rest of the countries, to preserve people’s rights to buy and sell…” THAT WAS JUST A FEW FROM THOUSANDS OF MESSAGES TO NEW CBI GOV…ALL ASKING THE SAME…RAISE THE VALUE AND COME OUT WITH NEW LDS…OVER A WEEK OR SO AND IT’S NOT STOPPING…THEY WANT THE CBI TO TAKE THEM BACK TO 3.22.