In Delta

They are going to pay everybody [Iraqi salaries] the first week [of December]. Then any time after that is going to be game on for the CBI to show us the rate…In 2015 they changed the rate it was on December 3, 2015. It was a Tuesday.  They changed the rate from 1166 to 1182…around that time they were working on the budget.  We know the 2021 budget does have the rate in it. This is not our opinion this is fact because…the financial committee in parliament were asking the government…’we need to find out what the exchange rate for 2021 budget’.  The parliament asked this of the government. Number 2 the financial minister told us in interviews that when it comes to the rate it’s very sensitive number – we cannot even talk about numbers. He’s telling you right there…this is a secret. This is sensitive. They cannot even talk about it.