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A while back we said there would be no 50k note…we were wrong…the 50 dinar note will be coming in the future…so it looks like their plans have changed…the IMF is also trying to help them at this time…the plan before they wanted to do the LD’s and come out the door at 85 cents or 1 to 1 but they have changed thingswith the help of the IMF…they are now looking at a free float as their best route at this time.

If you remember when Dr. Shabibi said we are wanting to get the IQD to where it was in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s…it was around that $2.60 to $2.80remember when Saddam was in power the IQD rate at his time was around $3.20 and it was believed to be inflated as a rate so the $2.60 – 2.80 is plausible.  ...exciting times ahead…Iraq is blessed to have the help and support from IMF others in this process.