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It is about time for Iraq to move forward…whatever the plan was before they do want to move this fasterin my heart I believe this is the month we should see things happen…this year is totally different…so many things are going on…what all started this was the contract that Iraq had to sign with the IMF…that was the trigger.

There is no nation on earth that gets the support that Iraq gets from the IMF, the World Bank and others…why…they do not want them to fail…the authors of the plan do not want them to fail.

Abadi came out and said this is the time to activate the monetary reform. IMO the rate has to change…if I’m the CBI…if I’m going to put those LD’s in the banks…I have to have a rate for the LD’s to be sold to the banks…they have to have a good value for later to make money.

Bottom line…the CBI has to offer a rate that is good for the CBI and the banks as well as the citizens and for us. We are very close, expect the unexpected…on the verge of something big happening… IMO we will see the rate before the end of the year.