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Iraq Government News > Bayati: Prime Minister will use the military option towards northern Iraq automatically

Tgirl Administrator:   01/10/2017   Trend Press / Baghdad

Al-Nabe said the coalition of state law Abbas al-Bayati, that the failure of northern Iraq from the decisions of the federal government will force them to use force, stressing that the Prime Minister Haider Abadi is now authorized to take all decisions and steps to impose the prestige of the state and the Iraqi constitution.

“The northern Iraqi government will be forced to use force automatically without the need to inform the parliament or give an alert or a warning to the Kurdistan government,” al-Bayati said in a statement.
“Abadi is now authorized to take all decisions and steps to impose the prestige of the state and the constitution in all areas of northern Iraq, an authorization obtained by the highest legislative authority in the country.”

Al-Bayati said that “Abadi pledged to implement the resolutions on the rejection of a referendum voted by the House of Representatives, and will do so according to a timetable.” He pointed out that “the prohibition of international flights in northern Iraq came as a first step and there are many steps will be implemented in the coming days.”

Prime Minister Haider Abadi reiterated the Iraqi government’s adherence to the unity of the country, noting that Iraq is unified in all its components will not affect the calls for separation and separation.


Mike:   “The northern Iraqi government will be forced to use force automatically without the need to inform the parliament or give an alert or a warning to the Kurdistan government,”

So, in less than a week this guy is talking about using force against the Kurd’s. I guess that’s what passes for negotiations in Iraq. This would play directly in favor to the Kurd’s, the maligned minority who seeks  a true democracy in the ME is being pummeled by the evil Shia. Game on, how could the west not get involved to support and protect the Kurdish people and it’s lands?

I’m not really concerned about violence between Baghdad and the Kurd’s, because by now, we all know that Iraq’s military is for shiite. Baghdad never would have gotten ISIL out of Mosul without direct and constant support from the west, it’s why ISIL lasted that long in the first place.

If Abadi tries to go head to head with the Peshmerga the embarassment of the referendum will pale in comparison to the failure of the GOI to make the Kurd’s fall in line using the military.

The Kurd’s are fighting for dignity and their own lands, this is the worst kind of military opponent to pick a fight with, they’re motivated by more than hate and money. Hopefully Abadi knows this and shows restraint and also keeps Turkey and Iran out of the deal.    –Stay grounded…

Phil Oberholzer:   This guy isn’t serious is he? Such drama!! TY Tgirl.

Paxx:   Great post Mike. I agree 100%.
–Sooooo…… you are telling me there is a chance.

Aloha Alex:   “These people are ungovernable.” The ancient quote from Alexander The Great is prophetic, unfortunately. Mike was right about nothing happening after the Mosul victory, unlike many of us, me included, who believed the optimistic declarations in the arts about monetary and social progress.

He was also right about the Kurds throwing a tizzy fit after Mosul. I hope I’m wrong but it seems the West, with all it’s good intension, has little to show in the way of progress towards a Democratic Iraq. The West ignored Alexander’s pithy observation and thought that playing nice with this culture would bear fruit.

Hopefully, someone behind the scenes is using more forceful measures. The next delusional prediction would be that once all of Iraq is liberated from ISIS, shortly we think, that Abadi will make his come to Jesus speech and everything will suddenly and finally improve.Go ahead Mike, tell me how rediculous that is. 😆

  •  You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.

mexia74:   Spot on, Mike.  If it wasn’t for innocent people being hurt, I would wish that the Kurds eliminated the Shiites.

Kw:   The Shiite gov better pull their bibg boy panties up if they want to take on the Kurds…Just saying.

Mike:   lol AA, you’re good with me. 🙂  I’m not cynical, I’m a skeptic. A cynic knows something won’t work, a skeptic thinks it won’t work but  hopes for the best and prepares for the worst. Iraq, unfortunately, is predictable, they can’t get past the sectarianism and islamic aspects of ME culture. It’s not about emotions like positive or negative, it’s about predicting future actions.

Very few in the ME fights like the Peshmerga, especially if they’re defending the motherland against Baghdad, no one is forgetting Halabja. Abadi and his militia better buckle up if they try and go against these fellas, these folks are 10X as motivated as ISIL was. Iran better be careful as well, nothing would make the hawks in Washington happier than an all out aggression based from Tehran against an American ME ally.

That’s just the excuse we need to go and destablize another crazy ME country. We’ve given these rats a pass because so far, Iran’s actions have been through proxies like the Houthi’s and Hezbollah, but if they put their handprints on the agression all *** is going to break loose. I’m hoping Iran isn’t that stupid.   IMO    Stay grounded…



Tgirl Administrator:    Deputy confirms the return of the Kurdish blocs to the Federal

01/10/2017   Trend Press / Continue

A member of the House of Representatives Adel Nuri, on Sunday, the return of the Kurdish blocs to the sessions of the Iraqi parliament, except for the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc.

Al-Nuri said in a press statement that ‘the Kurdish blocs decided to end their boycott and return to the meetings of the House of Representatives’, explaining that’ the blocs that decided to return are; change, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan,


Phil Oberholzer:   This is in their best interest…No telling what Parliment would do or pass without the Kurd’s at least have some sort of voice…TY Tgirl

kw:         Agreed Phil

ZenMav:   I’m suspicious. I think that this was a setup to draw out & sideline Barzani. I think that when the dust settles, Barzani is gone. He is the only one of the original bunch of jagoffs that hasn’t been sidelined. Allawi, Maliki, Talibani, Jaafari and one other asshole I can’t remember have all be defanged.

–POLITICS, n. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.” – Ambrose Bierce

Mike:   Agreed ZenMav, there’s no love loss between the PUK, PDK and Gorran. Barzani has been pretty heavy handed with these guys and they’ll use this opportunity to leverage Barzani for concessions. In the end, once a Kurd, always a Kurd and by now, everyone knows Baghdad reneges on its promises, it’s a historical fact.  ….. Zebari, Shaways, Chalabi, Ethel Jaborui, Najjmiddin Karim  ……. Stay grounded…



Kaperoni Moderator : Kurdistan Regional Government: We reject the decisions of Baghdad, and we consider collective punishment

Since 09/28/2017 18:33 am (Baghdad time)   Balances News – Follow-up

It announced that the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Thursday, its willingness to dialogue with the central government in Baghdad to resolve the outstanding problems, noting its rejection of the resolutions of Baghdad, considering it “collective punishment” against the citizens of Kurdistan.

According to a statement issued by the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region, seen by / scales News /, that “Erbil will take all legal action to challenge the Iraqi Council of Representatives resolutions and considered illegitimate and illegal,” noting that “the territorial Government assured neighboring countries and countries in the region that the referendum will not have a risk to national security in any way. ”

The statement added, “The decision of the airspace closure of the Kurdistan region is illegal as well, which is contrary to international law and the Treaty on the International Chicago Aviation which states that (can not in any way involve airports in political conflicts),” pointing to the “readiness of the region for dialogue with Baghdad on the outstanding issues. ”

The statement said that “the referendum took place in a democratic and civilian demand which brought the people of Kurdistan to the whole world atmosphere,” stressing that “the process does not violate the Iraqi constitution and international laws and charters of human rights.”

The government confirmed the continuation of the Kurdistan Region of “commitment to its relations with the peoples of neighboring countries and the world according to the principles of mutual respect and common interests.”

It is worth mentioning that the prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, asked yesterday to cancel the results of the referendum, while stressing that it should be abolished this referendum and begin a dialogue within the framework of Aldstor.anthy 29/9 P


​Kw:   This is where the UN will step in.

Mike:  Ditto kw. This stupidity not only punishes the Kurd’s, but it punishes the Arab, Shia, Turkmen and Christians who live in Kurdistan. Not to mention the millions of displaced who reside in Kurdistan. It’s clear that the Shia can’t play nice with others, the UN, US and the rest of the west are going to have to step in and settle the fight between the children.

Baghdad’s actions will only harden the resolve of the Kurd’s, their relationship is untenable and appears permanently broken. Abadi and Barzani have set the country back yet again.   –Stay grounded…

mexia74: Abadi’s chances for re-election just went down.

Dodgeman2011:   just a factor to remember, most of iraq’s water comes from Kurdistan

Mike:   Great point, Dodgeman.   –           Stay grounded…


Mcduff82:    They are going to need water for those rabid sheites