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Hey, All! After so many years (for most of us) of so many false starts, so many peaks and valleys of the seemingly endless roller coaster, events on the other side of the world last night signaled the time for exiting this vehicle to go on with greater thing.

I know many of you have heard very little from me for some time now as the real happenings have been held very close to the vest of those who are involved in bringing about the global currency reset, and in more understandable terms for us, the revalue of currencies globally so that we have what we call the RV.

As much as we have known how to state things, we have tried to a degree to help all understand there is much more involved than just being able to exchange currencies for a higher value. For anyone who has purchased ZIM notes, this will be a redemption – not an exchange – as they are considered to be bonds and will be handled entirely differently than the currencies.

A very short recap to refresh your memories as well as explaining to the newer participants: Where most of us came onto the scene started around the first of the Iraq war. We began to be made aware of Iraq currency change through those who deal in currency exchange full time and through our troops on the ground in that country.

Then Pres “W” Bush had signed an Executive Order that allowed Americans to “invest in Iraq” – something not normally allowed when at war with a country. This allowed the US government and “others” to obtain the new Iraqi Dinar at “used tissue paper rates” with the knowledge that one day the currency would be brought back to at least the value it held before the war started. In Iraq’s case, their currency had been worth $3.22 give/take a few cents.

We all know now that the revalue or reset of currency values globally has since come into play, and it has expanded our participation considerably though it has prolonged the entire process by a few years, but it has also enabled more people to become involved.

Now, that brings us to this point in time where many are asking what Iraq has to do with currency news since many have come in since the day-to-day analyzing where things stood with Iraq, their government, and their currency.

Well, we are no longer at war with them, they have formed their government over two years ago, and just like us, their people have awaited the finalization of their return to the international trade and banking communities.

Knowledge has also surfaced of the fact that we have been waiting for things in our own country to be resolved in terms of corruption in government, corruption in the banking system, and people who have fought the “transfer of wealth” to the people (read you and me). We have been kept totally out of touch with what has been happening in our government for many decades, in particular the ten years or so as the media has shown the Dog and Pony Show instead of The News.

Oh, Well! All that is for another day and time. Iraq has been used as an excuse as still holding things up while we got our ducks somewhat in a row as the new Presidency has pushed long and hard to get things on track here. We have heard the Kurds were not agreeing to their part of the payout of funds and therefore holding up the budget readings in Iraq as recently as yesterday.

Therefore, the reading of the Iraq budget which contains the new revalued rate of their currency has not been allowed to finalize and be put into their official government writings – The Gazette. (Like our Congressional Record). We have known that once this took place publicly, we would KNOW things had finally progressed here in the US to allow them to make their announcements.

This has been an on again/off again event for at least 1-1/2 years – frustrating the people of Iraq as well as you and me as we again and again heard that things had moved forward there, but then alas, nope!

HERE IS THE NEWS: As of the middle of the night last night for you and me (no matter the time zone here), Prime Minister Abadi not only announced to the people they had their budget, but the people were able to see the approved Budget on Iraq TV so they no longer had to wonder if it truly had come about.

This indicated payments being enabled to all employees. They have their revalued currency. This is crucial to the entire process as they were originally – and still are – the linchpin of the currencies.

Officially, there has to be three readings of the budget in their parliament for it to become law and be posted in The Gazette, and that took place in front of the people Saturday morning, Iraq – last night, US. Payment for the Kurds will begin on Sunday (our tonight), and the Budget is to appear in The Gazette Saturday/Sunday.

What does that mean here in the US? It means we have finally allowed Iraq to move ahead (this has to be somewhat coordinated between our countries) with their news as they were originally agreed to be first to announce and to revalue their currency publicly as they accomplished what the UN had set forth at the start. This begins the global currency reset. If we allowed them to make these steps of completion, it means we are also ready to show our part!

We can expect sometime over the weekend to hear Pres Trump announce that our currency has returned to the asset-backed/gold standard (first time since taken off in 1973 by Pres Nixon).

This means the bringing out of our new currency (United States Note) and stabilizing of our economy from the hyper-inflated fiat system we have ridden through for especially the past 2 decades; release from the corporate government back to Constitutional government and common law courts; and the revalue of the 209 currencies around the world. Can you say, “RV”?!?!?

All of you are in the Wells Fargo group we have had set up for years and added people to it. This just means your email address will be given to them for sending out notices of your instructions regarding how to set up your appointments for exchange. You also will have pre-negotiated rates and perks that should be the very best out there. GREAT BLESSING TO ALL!!