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GCR/RV Intel Update – Friday – 3.30.18

“All Weather”

When you read the link below, please keep in mind that 187,000 MT of gold has ever been recorded as mined worldwide—vaulted within the Central Banking System.

And while we know this global gold figure to be inaccurate as to hide private family gold holdings over the centuries, even if we were to double or triple the central bank vaulted number, it is still but a small fraction of Zimbabwe’s total gold reserves.

We also understand China’s Yuan to be 100% gold backed and collateralized by these same Zimbabwean in ground gold reserves. Which is why their offering all of China’s oil transactions with a 100% convertibility to gold bullion.


Hence why these two countries have an “all weather relationship” as displayed by the above picture of the two leaders holding hands back in 2015.

When have you ever seen this kind of open and physical appreciation before between two diplomatic leaders?

Also, this massive reserve of gold is why Zimbabwe alone (without any additional African Union support) can back all of the world’s currency with their own sovereign gold holdings—regardless of all their other massive in ground mineral reserves which are just as impressive, especially diamond, platinum metals, lithium and rare earth elements used in all modern technology.

Meaning, if you hold 2008 Zim bond notes, what you really own is a legal and active sovereign bond claim to all of Zimbabwe’s in ground mineral reserves, which is collateralizing the entire world’s new financial system run from Beijing.

Hidden by the mass media for decades certainly, but nonetheless true. And now changing, all be it suddenly and permanently. Sobeit. Beitso.

To better understand the scope of Zimbabwe’s reserves, go see the sci-fi movie “Black Panther,” which visually displays and explains their nation’s massive “gifts.”

Know also that Zim bond note redemptions have begun on US soil, and look to complete in majority by the end of the second quarter 2018 (June 30).

This has been confirmed from HSBC earlier this morning. Also from personal military intelligence relationships.

Hey, come on… it’s just a simple era transition with a brief financial transaction. No problem. You got this. Easy peasy.

Besides, what a wonderful post RV excuse to savior as many sunrises and sunsets you dare witness. And anywhere you desire to watch.

Spread the wealth. Help the helpless. And most of all, enjoy your life.

God is with us.