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“SGT Report GCR Update from RDS” by PNW – 6.16.18

Global currency reset is directly addressed at 34:30 by Shawn and Dr. Robert David Steele.

Steele was interviewed by Shawn -I think- on June 11th since Dr. Steele speaks of the NK summit “coming up next”.

In the interview Steele claims he was briefed “a few weeks ago” that Trump was injecting a trillion dollars through 1,500 to 15,000 people (he couldn’t remember) “from the bottom up with two orders: hire full time employees with benefits, and only build, don’t rent anything.”

If Steele was interviewed on the 11th and claims the GCR window is 7-10 days, that puts a deadline of the 21st of June for the Reset. Correct me if I’m wrong?    PNW