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Shelton’s Call Intel Notes 12-26-18

12/28/2018 12:30:00 AM

Real Christmas is about to come celebration being organized to get the phase started to lead us to 800 numbers based on updates this morning.

Leading us to understand Chinese working with UST to make sure process is started before year is over.

Bottom line is right now everything being organized to make sure 800 numbers to come out before year is over.

On Christmas Chinese elders were in Reno getting everything organized.

This morning they had worked out a final plan with WF and HSBC.

Between today and next Tuesday and we believe next Saturday and that seems to be the schedule.

Trump and China has indicated they want it over before year ends.

They want the new year to be a new start to everything.

And at this point the HK plan looks to stay on schedule.

The whole alliance indicates they want to make sure the final paperwork is initiated today so we will be monitoring that and final sign offs were Christmas Eve.

A full briefing later on today no later than tomorrow.

If they will do a Saturday start and as of now All things look like they are on schedule.

QFS is ready to process all currency and tested and felt to be reliable through military sources.

Along with series of arrests to start right after at the beginning of new year.

The RV is inevitable at this point as they have been handing out money and the process MUST move forward and they cannot stop it there are just cabal efforts to slow things down but they CANNOT STOP IT at this point nothing serious to slow up the process.

The main thing with QFS is mandated that all procedures be transparent and not penetrated by the cabal and been tested multiple ways.

There are a few nations not in compliance with the GESARA.

QFS is impenetrable in all ways and is fully integrated and operational.

Pre-release meetings been taken place over past few days with Chinese and UST and core account leaders and replied just prior to Christmas and indicated they would become liquid.