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“Sean Hannity Discussing the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation” by (Anonymous) – 3.8.18

Long Lost Clip From The Sean Hannity Radio Show Discussing The Iraqi Dinar Revaluation

This video begins with a long forgotten clip from the Sean Hannity Radio Show in 2010. This was the single most important moment on Hannity’s show ever and he didn’t even know it.

If you understand what we are presenting to you in this video it will impact your life and the lives of your family members for generations.

We’ve known about this for many years and have actually spoken directly to individuals who were inside of the meetings back in the early 2000’s when many of the decisions on this historical event were first being planned.

We have been quietly sharing this information through our platforms since the early 2010’s in hopes of helping Conservatives, Christians, Veterans, Charities, and pro-American Patriots use this as a way to bring hope and joy to millions across the nation and the world.

Also, this is the absolute key for Independent, Alternative, and Conservative media outlets and journalists to launch their platforms into the stratosphere.

Never again will you have to worry about authoritarian censorship, ads being pulled, lawsuit warfare, or being banned/shadow-banned on NWO platforms. YOU will now be in a position to lead, to create, to inform millions, and ultimately (#1 goal of all) help spread the Gospel.